Another hopeless judge gives the impression it’s alright to maim babies.

Following on from the lovely judge that forgave the child-abusing comedian, “because he made people laugh”: High Court judge Justice Mary Peters implies with her latest decision that child abuse is acceptable if you say sorry.
¬†And if you’re white: sayeth Whaleoil.
Judge Peters is old enough to know better. She graduated from Victoria University with an LLB and was admitted to the bar in 1985. You would think she had met enough criminals in her time to see through the criminal who broke his daughters legs deliberately:

It is quite obvious to me that the perp broke his daughters legs five times because he enjoyed it.
Not because he could not bond with the child or because he lost his temper, but because he enjoyed it. Period.
You do not do things five times that you don’t enjoy or aren’t compelled to do. Either way this sicko should have been held to account. Society’s revulsion with his actions should have been reflected in her sentencing. It was not and Judge Peters is naive.
I recognize what criminals and pedophiles look like. I’ve met a few of them in my time. As a landlord and as a boozer. Justice Peters does not recognize what a criminal looks like. Perhaps in her world criminals are only recognizable because they say sorry.
She has reduced this abuser’s sentence until it is one year home detention. At this point she is aware of the possible room for criticism of her sentencing because she states how home detention isn’t an easy option.
Rubbish. Any teenager will say that being grounded isn’t an easy option. Having your arse on a couch in your living room ¬†instead of impaled on the front of a prison homo is a much easier option.

Peters is a child abuser apologist. this will be for one of two reasons:

  1. She is scared of the criminal
  2. She is scared of the consequences of not being lenient, or “nice”. A common trait in New Zealand women.

Her background:
Peters was on a nice wicket with Russell McVeagh for most of the decade until 2004. I imagine the gritty realities of life on the streets of New Zealand don’t have a lot of personal impact on her in Herne Bay. I would also guess that a¬†lot of her experience is in conveyancing and commercial litigation. This doesn’t preclude from being a good High Court judge but you must know your own mind and have met a vast range of people to have perspective on humanity.
From Peters’ track record, it would seem that she clocks in daily as a High Court judge; listens to the latest psychopath apologize for moidering and maiming their victims, believes their crocodile tears and duly passes down a lesser sentence than they might otherwise attract. Peters is the High Court judge to get on your case, if you murder your best mate. All you do is get your Mummy to apologize for you and then you’ll get the minimum 10 years:

God! This woman Peters is so impotent in her role it is beyond belief. In the above case a guy (Aiono) stomps his best mate to death for sleeping with his wife. Peters “forgives him” because his Mummy apologized for him, She took into account the provocation of the cheating wife and best mate (says great things for the status of women as possessions ) and because no weapon was used. Get this: The murderer slaughtered him pasting his blood on an adjacent wall and car. It wasn’t just a single powerful punch that killed the victim, Aiono all but gutted the victim.

The women in The Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association won’t be entertaining this concept but it would seem to casual analysis that women make hopeless High Court judges. We do after all melt at baby crocodiles so it is a possibility that we might need to be acquainted with the concept of “wolves in sheeps clothing”, before undertaking High Court roles.
But rather than upping their game and acquainting themselves with the traits of psychopaths, they are musing on how to get equality in employment with male counterparts:

From a AWLA September 2011 newsletter:

The mid-winter dinner promises to be an evening of excellent food and wine, together with three inspiring and entertaining speakers.
We will enjoy bubbles and canapés on arrival, followed by a three course meal and tea/coffee.  Our three speakers will address us throughout the evening.  This year, we are very pleased and excited to advise that our three speakers are Justice Ellen France, Justice Mary Peters and Chief District Court Judge Jan Doogue.
This function will assist in funding AWLA’s research proposal, which will investigate what actual and perceived barriers women with 6 years’ post admission face to progressing to partnership compared to their male counterparts. Tickets are $150 (payment details below).  Please rsvp by 4 August at 4pm.
Most big law firms ‚Äėslow‚Äô to appoint women to partnership.


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