A Paedophile Monster and a Board of Idiots.

Abuser James Parker was given free reign to abuse the children in his care by an unbelievably oblivious Board of Trustees. From the NZ Herald.

Police warned Pamapuria School’s Board of Trustees in 2009 with a strongly worded letter about Parker’s behaviour. 

Despite this letter Parker was allowed to esculate his offending against children. He took children back to his home despite an explicit warning by the police not to allow this to take place.

Paedophile sickness goes well beyond the offender. In many cases they are enabled by others who cannot or will not see the depth of the individual’s rot. Pamapuria is obviously one such sick community and the board and ERO should be held to account in letting this monster have free reign in the community’s midst.

Until last year my kids were at a New Zealand school in north Wellington. We Mums were well aware of the paedophile hangouts in Welly. I’d like to think there is no way a paed would have thrived in our midst. And they would try. Occasionally you’d see a man unaccompanied by a child at the local swimming pool.
Sitting in the baby pool alone.
One by one, we ‘Hang Em High”‘ Mums would complain to the pool duty who had a list of local offenders and they’d promptly be escorted from the pool.

My position on Paedophilia is black and white. I’m not promoting vigilante justice here but the most they deserve is a kindly word periodically from a paid jailer. They are less human than a rabid dog.  Family and former friends should abandon them in droves. Quite often they do not. This is because they can turn on the charm that is part of their make-up as monsters. They are expert at working sympathy. They have no vestiges of humanity left in them but theywell know how to work ours.
Parker demonstrates this with the following plea to the community:
“Those of you who know me well will know that I am not the monster that many will portray me to be. I am, however, the unwilling host of a most terrible disorder.”
“It is my great hope that all who have suffered because of me will now be able to get the help they need. It is also my desperate wish that I too will be able to receive help for this sickness within me.”
Parker said he would grieve over his actions and the suffering he had caused for the rest of his life.
“All I can say is I’m sorry.”
Rubbish. All paeds will say they are sorry and present themselves as victims of an illness. Like, say, addiction. However, addicts feel shame about their actions. These monsters are incapable of feeling shame. Their modus operandi is to demonstrate whatever behavior they need to to continue feeding off their victims.

Parker is currently facing almost 50 charges.


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