A one way trip to the gallows for these Women

The women I refer to are Fran O’Sullivan and Josie Pagani. And myself, alas.

¬†There is a sector of society that would prefer women didn’t have opinions. Or own property. An opinionated articulate woman is a red rag to a bull. These bullies reside in every strata of society . They inhabit both sides of the political spectrum but violent bullies of the left are especially prominent at this time.

In February 2012, the venal treatment of dissenters of the “Left” reached a new low as displayed on the “Treachery”¬†post at long established blog-site The Standard:

To summarise: A commentator outraged by the proposed partial sale of the Crafar farms figuratively “spat” in journalist Fran O’Sullivan’s face. He boasted of this intent in an anonymous post after Fran O’sullivan wrote a column outlining reasons why the Key government could not intervene in the sale.
It completely escaped this fuckwit, anonymous coward, that he was promoting violence against women in a blog with a large and predominantly male readership.
I have copied and pasted the following excerpts  

Upon the advent of this post there was any number of commentators who overlooked the violent undertones of this post to agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment thereof.

¬†I read the post and was astounded. I can’t abide bullies:¬†

The following well balanced individual weighs in:

Capped off by this:

 So I am off to the gallows in good political company.

Someone with a brain pulls a reality check:

 Get that? The blog moderators would seem to fully endorse the violent points this Millsy is making. We are all off to the gallows.

Another reality check:

¬†And just in case you missed that, it’s still off to the gallows for me, Fran and a number of politicians. For the sake of a private land sale.

Naice. A few  days later and the coals are still burning:



hey moaniqiue.
I wouldnt spit on fran.
I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire either.

It is now August and some certifiable nutters are again calling for the death squad instead of the gallows. Another difference now is that it is their own people, John and Josie Pagani well known Labour party activists that are up against the wall.:

John Pagani’s sin: He was sinterviewed for a listener profile on David Farrar of Kiwiblog. Pagani opined that the tone of Kiwiblog was more reasonable and less strident (my own words) than could sometimes be found at The Standard.

Josie Pagani’s sin: Defending David Shearer for his anecdote about the work shy beneficiary who was larking around painting his roof. All of a sudden THE labour loyalist, Josie Pagani is a beneficiary basher.¬†
The very far left find opposing opinions treasonous or mutinous. Again the mutineers are to be put to death. This time by firing squad:

 Geek Disclaimer. Unless you had your lips to the TV like a Gourami fish during the awesome  Battlestar Galactica series then you may not realise the implications of the above statements.
Zarek and Gaeta were characters in Battlestar Galactica who were put to death by firing squad after an unsuccessful mutiny, “Blood on the Scales”, episode.

Some common themes here: treason, mutiny, execution.  
this is the face of the far left and this discourse underlines where the battle for hearts and minds will now be fought in the next election:
In the middle. 
Every moderate New Zealander shrinks from this kind of irrational hate speech. And most Kiwi’s are moderate.Just as this type of Labour supporter has turned on Shearer and the Pagani’s will Kiwi’s turn on them. ¬†¬†
To finish: My gallows-mate Fran O’Sullivan has recently been in the media discussing the Labour leadership.¬†
Cloth-cap Cunliffe pursues hidden agenda.

As I posted previously, I believe Cunliffe to be  a very clever stategist who has tipped his hat both to the left and the rght. Can you imagine the ire when the far left realises the hairless heir-apparent is only slightly to the left of John Key. 

Rather than a duel on ideological grounds, it will be a battle of personalities for leadership of the next government. There are now three left in the ring: John Key, David Shearer and David Cunliffe.

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