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Giving infertile Dads a chance to become fathers. From the NZ Herald:

Seeing as we women have had to carry the burden of contraception (apart from the late night condom dash), it’s great to read this:

The breakthrough could also lead to new contraceptives and a “miracle pill” to treat infertility

 As a mum of five, I’m inclined to think there is more than enough sperm in the world. But it’s great to think that those who want to be parents and can’t will have a shot at parenting their own genetic offspring.

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I deliberately ignored the last post from soldier hater Sumner Burstyn as posted recently on her defunct production company web page I don’t want to be stoking any fires and dragging things out.

I couldn’t ignore this from CBC, where she is saying our cops are useless and didn’t investigate her claims seriously.

New Zealander facing online death threats turns to Toronto police

A New Zealand filmmaker who provoked outrage over her online comments about a dead soldier is praising Toronto police for their help, claiming that Auckland officers refused to immediately investigate rape and murder threats against her — allegations that the New Zealand force denies.
Sumner Burstyn, who is married to a Canadian filmmaker from Montreal and is working in Toronto, became the target of a vitriolic internet campaign after making provocative comments about Lance Cpl. Jacinda Baker, a female soldier from New Zealand who was recently killed in Afghanistan.
“We have screen grabs that would make your hair curl, they’re so scary,” she told CBC News in a telephone interview, adding that the situation is like a “witch hunt.”

God, any normal human being would have seen the light by now and STFU. The “Sumner Buystyn please give back your New Zealand passport” Fbook page would have been down in a flash if she had just said she was:
 “sorry, mmm,kay, can we let it go at that”.

But no, she now has slagged off New Zealand women for their poor choices, our army, our men and now our cops. 

The links to what Sumner Burstyn original said are here:

And here:

She seems to be having diificulty understanding the reaction by the New Zealand public so I have spelt it out for here here:

As she will see by the last – she really has nothing to “fear”. Nothing to fear except for fear itself, as the saying goes or the fear of admitting she was wrong.

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So we don’t have to be spoon fed rubbish Repeater propaganda. Sorry to Danya if this is a bit mean given Uncle Simon most likely outlined the story: Yes I know he is a Herald journo.
Taken from the Sunday Star Times:   
Half NZ’s super-rich dodge tax

            DANYA LEVY 
Last updated 05:00 26/08/2012

Inland Revenue has found only half of wealthy individuals worth more than $50 million each are paying the top personal tax rate, despite Government moves to combat tax avoidance.
There are about 250 New Zealanders with wealth in excess of $50m, deemed “high wealth individuals” by Inland Revenue.

My commentary;  We are talking about net worth in assets not income per annum here. Who the heck is going to work a taxable day job if they have 50 million dollars worth of assets? No day job, no personal tax paid. I’m guessing that those high net-worth individuals who aren’t taxed in the high personal tax bracket are business owners, ie. farmers or property developers. Now, there is an angle to follow. If they don’t declare personal income where does IRD get to clip the ticket? And just maybe they employ workers that pay tax to the consolidated fund. (Sarcasm intentional)

New figures obtained under the Official Information Act show a sample by Inland Revenue of 184 of those individuals, taken between 2009 and 2011, found 49.5 per cent had declared they had earned $70,000 a year or more. The rest declared they earned less. Those who earn more than $70,000 are in the top tax bracket and pay 33 cents tax in the dollar.

My commentary: If you win lotto or you inherit the family jewels, you’re a gunna sit on your ass and pay others to mix you cocktails, Danya. You’re not going to have a day job. Again, no day job, no taxable personal income. New Zealand’s equivalent of lotto winners are farmers (who don’t often sit on their ass or their farms get sold to the Chinese). I don’t feel great animosity to them due to the mercurial nature of the industry. Undoubtedly some farmers are taking the piss (claiming WFF for example), but you can’t set personal tax policy on one class of business owner. 
BTW, Some high net-worth individuals hold assets in NZ and earn income overseas.
The figure has fallen slightly from the Inland Revenue’s previous sample, taken between 2001 and 2008, which found 50 per cent declared they earned enough to put them in the top tax bracket. The top tax bracket over that period kicked in at $60,000 and paid 39 cents tax in the dollar.

My commentary: What you talking about Willis? (80’s TV series reference). Why is this a surprise?  If you raise the top tax earner bracket from Red Helen’s puny $60,00 up to $70,000, of course the number paying tax rate at the higher rate is going to decrease. Those in the 60-70k band will no longer be caught in the highest tax bracket.  Google “Bracket Creep”.

Concerns about the rich avoiding the top tax rate through income sheltering devices such as family trusts were raised in a 2010 report by the Tax Working Group.
My commentary: Trusts are primarily used to protect assets, actooally, and can be broken wide open if the primary purpose is to shelter income. Google “Penny and Hooper”, Danya. 
Later that year, the Government took steps to reduce tax sheltering by reducing the top tax rate from 39 per cent to 33 per cent to align it with the tax rate for trusts.
My commentary: Yeah, this was to reverse the dumbass tax increases by Clark/Cullen in 1999. such was the success of Red Helen’s tax increases that trusts sprung up overnight. The tax base actually shrunk by 18 billion a year (up until 2009. That’s why Mallard had to close schools by the score. Less tax was paid to the gummit by businesses that were coping on the previous tax rate. Envy tax targeting the “rich pricks” missed the mark. As far as  I know, Fay and Richwhite are still laughing all the way to the America’s Cup and it was my generation entering the workforce that got penalised. We hated it and fled to Australia and the UK. Most of us found that life was okay in a different country and stayed. Again, no taxable income, no tax. Thank God for for our elderly that agencies like Pharmac exist, in lieu of adequate average personal wealth.

Greens co-leader Russel Norman said the new figures showed the changes had no effect on the amount of income tax some wealthy people were paying.
My commentary. The wealthy sure as shit didn’t get wealthy paying 60%tax.  At least not in the last decade.

It comes at a time when inequality in New Zealand has hit record levels. A report released last week by the Ministry of Social Development found wages of low-income earners fell between mid-2009 and mid-2011, while high-income earners’ pay increased.
My commentary: Wages fell because a whole lot of public servants got shit-canned and Timaru type businessmen ran the ship  fast and loose. This dragged down the wage index. But check this out: 

Wages rose in the year to March 2012: 

In the March 2012 quarter, salary and wage rates (including overtime) rose 0.5 percent.
In the year to the March 2012 quarter:
  • Salary and wage rates (including overtime) increased 2.0 percent.
  • Overtime wage rates increased 2.5 percent.
  • Private sector salary and ordinary time wage rates increased 2.1 percent.
Sector Salary and ordinary time
wage rates
Percentage change
All salary and wage rates
(including overtime)
Percentage change
From previous
From previous
From previous
From previous
All sectors 0.4 2.0 0.5 2.0
Public sector 0.4 1.6 0.4 1.6
Private sector         0.5 2.1 0.5 2.1
 Labour Cost index from Stats NZ.
 Norman said middle New Zealand, who paid the bulk of tax, was “in the gun” under the National-led Government.
My commentary: I don’t seem to remember the middle income earners having their taxes raised in 2009.  This is what happened under Red Helen in 1999.

 The 2010 tax changes had given more money to the wealthy, not low and middle income earners, he said.
My commentary. The only valid point here. GST hikes affect the lower incomes more, this is the regressive nature of sales tax. Also, people don’t buy as much which penalizes producers. That’s why we pay politicians, to figure this shit out.  How do we broaden the tax base without killing the economy. 
“Yet here we see a proportion of the very wealthy are cheating on their taxes.”
My commentary: Those 50 million dollars worth of assets might be dud earners. In fact they are potentially bleeding cash and the individuals that they are shackled to will eventually be declared bankrupt. Over two decades I have known at least five high net-worth individuals that this has happened. to .Satisfied? Can we stop baying for blood now?

Council of Trade Unions economist Bill Rosenberg said tax avoidance was a worldwide issue which had led to the loss of more than $3.1 trillion in annual tax revenue. “If governments internationally, including New Zealand, could do more to track down dodged taxes we might not be facing the degree of financial austerity and government cuts that we are seeing around the world.”
My commentary: You’ll be waiting a long time Bill, trying to write other countries tax laws. Start with China. I doubt the unions will get a foothold there. Best we start being smart with our tax laws; if we water-board high income earners they head for California. 
And that is saying a lot. I live in California and high income earners pay 42% tax. The state of California is nearly bankrupt as a result. 
Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said the figures did not include tax that may have been paid on income from trusts and dividends.
My commentary: So hows about asking Peter what the percentage rise or fall in trust and dividend income is, Danya? That might give us the basis for meaningful comparisons.
My husband and I are not high net worth individuals. We have enough for our children’s education, our retirement and to invest in Mongolia instead of NZ assets, should the opportunity present itself. (Yes, Mongolia is where it is at, in terms of growth as long as their govt doesn’t renege on their original Oyo Tolgoi mine invstment agreement with Rio Tinto and Turquoise Hill.  ) 

America’s Cup. Spot NZ”s rich Uncles: Michael and David.
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It has been suggested that beleaguered Snapper will receive a golden handshake to step away from the integrated ticketing service it was contracted in November 2010 to deliver for NZ Bus Services Auckland as part of the Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) by November 2012.  While non-performance clauses are quite commonly inserted in software delivery contracts, Auckland sources tell me that any termination attempts will be bitterly contested by Infratil backed Snapper. The Snapper media release is here:

You don’t have to read very far to see that Auckland Transport (AT) have bought themselves a fight.(Another, fight)

Snapper says AT have “purported” to terminate the participation agreement signed November 2010.
The use of the word “purported shows Snapper isn’t walking away. If you read further, Snapper states that they are ready to integrate once AT’s Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) is ready. Finger pointed squarely. @Thales

AT made a rather extreme about-face from the 21st of August when they stated that they were still working with Snapper:
Three days later on the 24th August, the previous Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) Programme link is missing in action from the AT website:

It was replaced  with this cheery missive on rollout dates:

There are only two explanations for a FUBAR at this level. Someone is doing some arse-covering for previous bad project management decisions or France based firm Thales (prime contractor for the AIFS  project) is balking on providing information and components to Snapper in order to pick up the whole project, including the bus hardware for NZ bus, once sufficient evidence of non-performance has arisen.

watch this space.

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Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, paving the way for our travels to Mars. He died today (US Saturday) in Cincinnati from cardiovascular complications.
 One of the great heroes of the 20th century, he always thought of himself as a “nerdy engineer”.

  Inside the Apollo 11 lunar module.

“That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

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Herald on Sunday on Sumner Burstyn’s disparaging and dispassionate remarks about NZDF’s  Jacinda Baker who was killed in Afghanistan while serving as a medic:

It isn’t the first time Burstyn has slandered the name of a soldier who died in combat. The spotlight of the public has cast her in an unfavourable light. She shut down her facebook page, and not being one to live by the idiom, “Discretion is the better part of valour”, has put up a passive-aggressive response to the Facebook page: Sumner Burstyn give Back your New Zealand Passport:

Sumner Burstyn’s, “I’m a victim so buy my movie”, page is here:

My opinion: It’s a lot of disgusting, imflammatory tripe. Here is the guts of it, with my commentary in bold:

Cloud South Films Page:
SB: It’s been a difficult few days. I made a comment on facebook. A thoughtless comment for which I unreservedly apologise to the family, friends and loved ones of Jacinta Baker.

Monique angel: Actually you gloated over her death.

SB: I do not in the slightest gloat at this young woman’s death ~ Yes you did and you’ve done it every time New Zealand has lost a soldier in a war-zone, you silly tart. It’s all been copied onto the Facebook page that’s up in your honour. Check it out.
SB: I bemoan the tragic loss of her valuable life. No you didn’t and don’t. You said she made “flawed choices”, and indicated that she, “got what was coming”.
SB: Certainly my choice of words at the time was not good. Not good! Here they are:

Original Post:”oh so fallen soldier Jacinda Baker liked boxing and baking- did they forget she also like invading countries we are not at war with, killing inocent people and had no moral compass”. Sumner Burstyn.

Me: And then you rubbed salt into the wound with the following:
Original Post:”That’s not honoring our country, it’s helping to destroy another one. She 100% does not deserve our respect for her flawed choices. we are not at war. We are helping America invade another country for their oil. No more than that. Go to war expect to be killed. You can’t have it both ways-oh nice little career with the military and shock horror when you get blown up”.Sumner Burstyn.

SB: But the response to these words has been extreme. 
That’s what you get when you mess with four million intrepid immigrants and their descendants. It takes  lot of balls to immigrate to the furthest away nation on the earth and become part of New Zealand culture instead of remaining a critical onlooker. We’re far away from other nations but we’re a nation that punches above its weight in war-zones. Sure, we’re extreme. Brave and extreme. 

SB: A Facebook group was set up with the sole purpose of shaming and scaring me. 
Yeah, and I think there was an element of frightening you in battle as well. Ever seen the haka performed live? We’re a warrior nation, we are. These days no-one ends up dead. We just want to frighten yo ass.

SB: On it the men & soldiers of New Zealand threatened to rape me with chainsaws, to run me over, to burn down my house and murder me. I was told I would be stalked and hunted down. They extended the threats to my family. 
Yeah, there were a few hot-heads contributing to your facebook page and they got pulled up quickly. No-one tolerates that shit. See above about “frightening yo ass”. You pissed us off worse than that Australian rooter Shane Warne.

SB: This is the black underbelly of my country. Bitch,  that sounds racist. You don’t a wanna be saying that kinda shit round these parts. We is the ones fighting amongst ourselves over asset sales but we could fight you instead, if you really wanna.

SB: Many of these men, and mostly they were men, posted these threats as members of NZ Armed Forces. They did so with no attempts to hide their identities.
It was hot-air, dumbass. The real nongs post anonymously. If it comforts you, I heard there is gonna be a police investigation. I think there might be some bread broken and some doughnuts eaten.

SB: Not one suggested that such violence and brutality might be an extreme response to careless words. No one in authority within the NZDF acted to control their staff in this extreme version of cyber-bullying.
That’s rubbish but just a moment while I get the tiny violin brigade to assist you as well, Girl.

SB: The violence and brutality of the response has made me even more opposed to our presence in Afghanistan. 
 Yeah, we assumed that’s why your webpage popped up like the Kardashians. The word for it is “grandstanding”. 

SB: And it begs the question – if the men of the New Zealand Defence force behave like this at home, what are they doing when deployed overseas? 
Yeah, nah, they is good buggers both when they are at home and overseas. It’s the little shits with too much time on their hands that be the problem, Girl.

SB: If this is the culture that is endorsed by the NZDF then it is no wonder our country is blighted with domestic violence and child abuse.
 ‘T’aint your country methinks.
 We has got many teams we back. Today it is the All Blacks cos they whipped the pussies across the ditch last night. And one team we back because they have “got our BACKS”, IS THE NZDF. WTF! Did you just slander our defence force along with the memory of a dear soldier?

SB: When men feel free to respond to a handful of words they don’t like with threats of extreme violence then you know we are a truly sick society.
I’m getting a sick of this.  I’m a telling our netballers to come moko yo ass.

SB: Since Jacinta is the focal point there, let’s ask ourselves how she would have felt about these horrendous threats of rape and torture, mutilation and murder posted in her name on Facebook.
Edited my response to allow that statement by Ms Burstyn to speak for itself.

SB: Again I apologise for my careless words to Jacinta’s family.

Weel, they’ll be wondering for a long time who the fuck you directed that apology to because you spelt her name wrong Einstein. 

God. The woman is awful.
After making a right cock of herself in the first instance by being disrespectful to a much loved and mourned new Zealander, she deliberately inflames the situation. She won’t recant and restates her position repeatedly over social media. It’s an obvious tactic to gain publicity and sell more of her films. She is a 2-bit  filmmaker who recently shut down her company when the government turned the tap off on subsidies.

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This is what I love about the U.S. The, “if it moves, shoot it”, attitude to design. This is what my husband slaughters flies with. An electronic fly swat:

A high voltage, low current, tennis racket.  

It’s aptly named The Executioner. It feels like a static shock to humans but disables or kills flies.

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Certain factions of Afghan and Pakistan society would quite happily carry on with their genocide of others. Namby Pamby pacifists would not hamper their progress: Not to forget that the US and it’s allies ( I won’t say the U.N. because in some opinions, it is a organization that enables terrorists, ) were asked for help directly. For a reality check as to what Jacinda Baker was in the middle of re-stabilising:

“Dear United Nations and the World,
Please hear the plea of Hazara in Pakistan and Afghanistan for recognition of blatant genocide and the violation of our human rights by Sunni terrorism.
We are in desperate need of your immediate help.

The Hazara People”

Lest we forget:

“Racial” enemies such as the Jews could, by definition, never belong to the Volksgemeinschaft, thus requiring their total removal from society. The German historian Detlev Peukert wrote that the National Socialists’ “goal was an utopian Volksgemeinschaft, totally under police surveillance, in which any attempt at nonconformist behaviour, or even any hint or intention of such behaviour, would be visited with terror”.
 From Wikipedia.

To put this quote in context you must know that Hazara peoples are racially identified and slaughtered in their thousands.

And that, my dear friends, is why I don’t vote Greens. They say, leave them all to it. “They” must sort out their own mess”. I say that is inhumane.

 And of course there is the way that war can be bought directly to the shores of nations not at war with them. But rescue from oppressors and nation building assistance can come from afar. That’s why we are there, even if war sucks.

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For when workplace mediation fails.

A worker fired from his job returned the day after the being fired and shot indiscriminatly into the crowd, killing at least one and wounding others.

A link to developing news footage here:

As I write this, news footage on TV is talking about eight homicides in San Jose over the last fortnight. (in Silicon Valley 45 minutes from my home. There will be a lot of discussion about gun control over the coming days.

I think Cypress Hill said it best of all:

Los Scandalous, Killafornia where I’m from
Dum diddy dum diddy diddy dum dum
[ Lyrics from: ]
I’m bookin’ on your ass now you know where I’m from
Dum diddy dum diddy diddy dum dum

Throw your set in the air
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Kick that gangsta shit, come on
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Let me take ya to the dark side of the moon
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‘Cause I got ya under my thumb nigga what set you claimin’
Better be the same set I’m claimin’

Take it like a brown count
Listen my home soldiers when I’m chillin’ on the east side of town

And it won’t stop ‘til I’m done
Dum diddy dum diddy diddy dum dum

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The following is a Twitter conversation between a member of the NZDF and Sumner Burstyn who hates on New Zealand women for their “choices” Mr Te Tai is trying to engage Ms Burstyn in a rational conversation about why her previous remarks on Baker’s death were offensive:

 He is an absolute gem – he is not trying to serve her arse to her on a platter but is debating points around New Zealand’s part in Afghanistan. Te Tai avoids personal attacks and Burstyn very quickly becomes feral. The only changes I have made is to highlight the names. The exchange speaks for itself.

Kane Te Tai
Sumner. I am offended by what you have posted about my friend Jacinda Baker. Now here’s a couple of pointers you may want to consider. We may operate under the banner of Operation Enduring Freedom but we have our own mission, one that does not include US policies and the like. We are in provincial reconstruction and that’s what we do. Period. My time spent in Afghanistan with the Provincial Reconstruction team did not involve me carrying out direct action missions against the Taliban or the Afghan people. And I am an infantryman, trained only in combat. Strange isn’t it? an infantry soldier not fighting? but that’s what we were there to do. This is how it works.

We fly over and take up one of five positions in the province. Each position is manned by a team that specialises ONLY in providing assistance to the local populace. Handing out blankets, water, radios and disarming mines. Each position does this. We do not hunt down people nor do we fire many rounds (unless we are training) I can count on one hand how many engagements our country has had with the Taliban. How many civilians have we killed in our military history. A big fat zero. We do not fight this war unless they fight us first. Only in defence. Not one NZ soldier has engaged first in any conflict in Afghanistan so don’t paint us with the same brush as the US. We aren’t them. Also the people of Bamiyan are some of our greatest friends, it is the only province where we can walk around without weapons and we did that. We helped them. We treated them as equals and we have a strong bond with them. It is one of the only places in the country that doesn’t want us to leave. And they are vocal with that to the media, it was the first place to have your fellow women being taught at schools. We built that school. The first place in the country where women can walk down the road without a burkha. The only part of the country where stoning women to death is outlawed. So don’t preach the things you heard on the news. It doesn’t apply to us. We are doing our job, we are trained better and we have a heart.

And don’t you dare paint my friends with slander. Especially Jacinda, she was a kind soul and she joined the army to heal people – friend or foe. One day when you find some bravery come back and apologise to us. I know you may not agree with the war but someone has to keep the wolves at bay. With us we will do our part by ensuring no innocent blood is shed. And if you can show me one time it has been by us in that country then I will avidly support your view. Just get your facts straight Sumner. Do your research, especially on your topic. And don’t open your mouth (or stretch your fingers) until you know what’s going on.

That is it. Digest that and if you have anything intelligent and more importantly factual then reply. If you can’t, add me and apologise – that takes more guts then pot shotting like you did.


2 hours ago Sumner Burstyn
killing is still killing.

2 hours ago Kane Te Tai
But who’s doing the killing?
Sumner, the thing is we are only in a defensive role there. We don’t go searching the countryside for Taliban, that’s not our role so we don’t do it.
I don’t know where you got your information from, but you need to stop pulling the columns from Time magazine and actually see what’s going on. From the looks of it you don’t know why we are there. And you should at least know that.
I was expecting something more intelligent from you but I guess that’s it huh? You are talking to someone who has lived and breathed Afghanistan right now. So here’s your opportunity to ask what you want, get the answers you need and the truth. I promise you that. No political bullshit, no drone-like answers stapled from the army. You will get the truth as I’ve done it, seen it. You have the stones to throw out the challenge, are you brave enough to continue?

2 hours ago Sumner Burstyn
what a load of rubbish. One man’s Taliban is anothers freedom fighter. Do you know who set up and funded the Taliban? Do you know any recent history? you are there to support NZ’s free trade with America. You’re not fighting for anything that is good or noble and you are not fighting for peace my friend, you are cannon fodder for oi.

2 hours ago Kane Te Tai
They have given us intimate knowledge about previous countries engagements, including the US CIA involvement with the Muji in the 80’s. One man’s Taliban? well you have that right. Ever seen a woman been stoned to death by Taliban supporters? That’s what we go for. Not for gold, oil, minerals.

2 hours ago Kane Te Tai
I know why I went and why my friends do. Supporting Free Trade, maybe that is a side bet for the government but the why is because the US needed to chase down Bin Laden and we knew that once the US opened a few holes then they would need people to start restabilising certain regions.

2 hours ago Sumner Burstyn
oh my god, you bought it all, all the PR, all of it. that is very sad. I’m sorry for all the work your mum put into raising you – all that to die in the sands for capitalism. I suggest you block me now.

2 hours ago Kane Te Tai
You still have failed to say anything of worth. Just things you recycled off CNN after 2008. Come on Sumner! is this it? I thought you had more. You started this and this is it? Disappointing so far. If you are wondering why it’s so hard to get a foothold on this conversation (that I am keeping an open mind to) is because my view is from the ground floor. I’ve been there. I’ve walked it. I’ve shaken the hands of the people. I broken bread with the heads of villages, I’ve hauled heavy generators up steep hills to power their heaters during a minus 30 winter, I’ve watched over their kids while they’ve slept, I’ve fed them, clothed them, administered first aid to them and that’s me doing stuff all. What my friends did before and after me was far more extraordinary. I am very upset with the lack of evidence or originality you have come forward with. Nevermind.

2 hours ago Kane Te Tai
Why would I block you? there is nothing you can say that has much worth? you are going to soon play the Brainwashed card, really? we bought the PR? trust me, if there’s anyone that hates PR more – it’s soldiers. We aren’t US Marines or US Army Rangers who bought the George Bush Bullshit. We didn’t. We joined the army to travel and do things that a whole lot of kids from where we are from don’t get to do. The reality is different unfortunately, that’s life. But we never bought into anything that got forced down our throats. Because the truth is we didn’t get any. We didn’t get forced by our command to go, we fought in NZ to get there. We crawled over each other for the chance to set this injustice right. You need to see the people there, they don’t lie like you and I. You can see the truth run straight through them. You have the right to say what you want but make it real. Make it correct and accurate. Otherwise you’re just another stereotypical idiot trying to get a bite. And bite I think you are about to get. Not from me personally but from the people you think you’re speaking for.

2 hours ago Sumner Burstyn
good for you. I understand you need to hold on to whatever makes sense. But it’s hardly heroic, especially if you bothered to read more widely. you could start with War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges.

about an hour ago Kane Te Tai
Don’t start quoting Chris Hedges dude. We could be up all night talking about the Obama impact and the NDAA lawsuits as such, don’t worry I’ve done my homework. As I said, I know this inside and out. Yeah he has an opinion of worth, Capitalism exa versa and low socio-economic recruitment… that detracts from us, New Zealanders. Do you see them doing that here in NZ? No, so move on. I’ll keep you up past your bedtime about that. If you were gonna start quoting anti war script I would’ve gone with Alekzsander Solhitnetzen (pardon my spelling it’s been awhile)

about an hour ago Sumner Burstyn
I understand you are a smart guy who has fucked with his mind to make it morally acceptable to kill others who are no threat to you or me at all. Come home and turn your skills against our government. Change sides.

about an hour ago Kane Te Tai
Is that it? I just verbally bombed you and that’s it. Think it’s your bedtime. See before I embarked on me going away I read everything. Ask anyone who knows me, I ain’t no fool. I went because I am a doer – not a talker. So are my friends. We studied the material before we went. And never once did I say it was right nor did I say I had killed anyone. Why would you even start that? panic shots are what we call what you’re doing. Punching in any direction. Someone has just probed your position and instead of holding your discipline you have shown you had none and fired with your main weapon, your sections machine gun. Now i know where it is, I’m gonna pummel it. Like I did and now I’ve found you are lacking. I don’t win. We win, by win. My friends Luke, Rich, Jacinda and me.

Change sides? Hell no. And abandon the people I swore to protect. To not serve the word I swore upon when i was 17? To spit upon my dead friends? You got me wrong. Even if the whole world took your side, which they don’t, and it was just me. I’d still be here telling you to take it on out the door with you. I’m a grunt. We don’t runaway.

You have nothing to offer to me or this world. I’m done with you. I just filled you out like an application.


about an hour ago Sumner Burstyn
ok, good for you. You go onward being an obedient killer. I did not answer your verbal ‘bomb’ (interesting choice of words) as it is clear you’ve drunk the CoolAid. And all those people you are ‘helping’ would not need your help except for the games the US plays with their countries and lives. Guess you’ll be off to Iran next. I will be sad when I see your name and photo in the paper.

about an hour ago Sumner Burstyn
clearly war is a force that gives your life meaning.

about an hour ago Kane Te Tai
Clearly you can’t read. You are brainwashed into thinking people in NZ uniforms are there to kill people. And even if you did see my name in the paper, which you won’t. Don’t be sad. I wouldn’t be. Because I’d get to be the person that didn’t die drink driving, or getting hit by a bus in Wellington. I’d get to be like my mates, someone who saw something shit and instead of doing what a human was programmed to do (cutting and running) they fought that feeling and took upon themselves the hard way. The way that would lead them to certain death and ultimately the right way. You have no comeback. I think you just got served. You might want to block me now

about an hour ago Sumner Burstyn
interesting that your aspirations for your self are so low. You are clearly smart

about an hour ago Kane Te Tai
Sumner, I chose this life. If there are a billion alternate universes in each one I chose to be a soldier. It is right to be one. People like me are the ones that gave you that pen in your hand to slander us with. To me that’s right. When I see you complain I am sad but happy that you can do so. So with that you have a good night. Hope you learnt something and next time read a few more books then me, it’ll be hard… but you can get there. After people like me fight in the night to make sure you can and I’d like you to exercise that right. Enjoy life. My friends can’t anymore.

Goodbye Sumner, I enjoyed our conversation. Good night

about an hour ago Sumner Burstyn
good night. I think your last comments are the most telling. If not this war, then you’d go and find another. Imagine if they had a war and no one came. Your fight and kill for your ego, don’t confuse it with service and duty.

about an hour ago Kane Te Tai
niiiiiight Sumner. You trooper you.

18 minutes ago Sumner Burstyn
given Hedges is too strong for you I would assume you’ve read this
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14 minutes ago Kane Te Tai
Yip. Read it when it first came out. And I’ve told you, I’ve read Hedges dude. I’ve read every American author from the anti vietnam war era to the present. So stop trying to one up me, I’ve learn your side of the arguement but you haven’t even tried to study my side. That is the biggest mistake of a person in your profession, you should know this. Never go into any arguement half cocked.

6 minutes ago Sumner Burstyn
so maybe it’s the heavy metals in the vaccines you have to take.

4 minutes ago Kane Te Tai
with our protocol A’s? I don’t think so. You are really scraping the barrel Summy bear.

3 minutes ago Sumner Burstyn
You are rude. you are out

Then she blocked me yay!!!

Nicky Hager’s Other People’s Wars : New Zealand in Afghanistan, Iraq and the war on terror (Craig Potton Publishing: Wellington, 2011) Reviewed by Mark P. Williams for Scoop Independent News
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