Renouncing American Citizenship to save taxes.

The U.S. taxes it’s citizens no matter where in the world they live. The only way to avoid this is to renounce U.S. citizenship. Denise Rich who wrote songs recorded by Aretha Franklin, Mary J Bilge and Jessica Simpson is the latest to renounce her citizenship. In doing so she will save millions of dollars worth of taxes.¬† From the Huffington Post:

Can you imagine anything that would get up the nose of socialists more?

This group of busy beavers has been working away to cast the rich as “the enemy”:

The Herald writing about the tax justice network:

I checked out the Tax Justice Network.
Take a look at our core themes: 
A quick fisking: 

We support sustainable finance for development
What they support is governments handing over more of their citizens’ tax to pour into the vast corruption havens that can already not be trusted with the money they do receive. Ever heard of the saying, “pouring good money after bad’? The implication is that the rich shits of the world are “hiding” tax that could help the third world.
We support international co-operation on tax, regulation and crime

They want another useless U.N. Good luck on that one. 
We oppose tax havens and offshore finance 
They want to dictate to countries like Switzerland  what their tax regime should be.  The Swiss are onto a nice little earner and these socialists want a piece of the pie.
We support transparency and we oppose corruption
They want every financial document to be visible to everyone so we can all join in castigating the naughty rich people.¬† Time once was that everybody minded their own fucking business and got on with the job at hand of earning a crust. We left it to the gummit to rope in the cowboys and didn’t automatically assume that all politicians were corrupt.

We support a level playing field in competitive markets
This is about their only valid point. A simple tax system is the most likely to be complied with. 

We support progressive and equitable taxation
So. Some organizations and individuals support no taxes.¬† It’s always going to be a play between the individual vs the collective.¬†

We support corporate responsibility and accountability
 Again they want companies to open their books and guilt them out to pay more taxes. 

We support tax compliance and a culture of responsbility
At the end of this rubbish you’d be forgiven for thinking that rich people never did a days worth of work in their life. That businesses didn’t create jobs.Every example of “the worker owning the means of production has failed awesomely. Some countries just don’t get that for the beheading of a few rich fuckers, you get in return another bunch of fuckers who reward themselves and their mates handsomely, stifling innovation in the process. To a certain point if we ignore the very few piss soaked dole bludgers taking the piss, we have to live with the odd rich bastard with excessive wealth.

These issues affect rich and poor countries, and, like the fight against corruption, our approach does not fit easily into either of the old political categories of left and right. 
Me: Rubbish. you are touting pure socialism.

Mission statement:
We do not argue generally for high or low taxes (that is for voters to decide) but we note the often better human development outcomes in higher-tax countries and oppose the demonisation of tax that is fashionable in some circles.
¬†Me: It’s fashionable in my circle of me and my husband because we want to keep what we earn and not have a bunch of doofuses paying themselves wages to mismanage our money.
What we do support is progressive and equitable taxation, which is what voters around the world have chosen. We wish to see nations’ sovereignty restored, so that electorates are given back the power to get the tax systems they vote for. 
Me: They want a revolution so they can install cosy little socialist regimes so we can all be more like Cuba. 
To this end we advocate much stronger co-operation between states on tax and regulation. This will help us address the growing tension between global integration and a shortage of credible international governance
Me: And the USSR broke up because it was so successful? Be afraid of anyone talking of global governance.

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