He was a scientologist!!!

Doh. Palm upside the head slapping moment:

A boyfriend once gave me a book by L Ron Hubbard to read. Being into sci-fi I thought it sounded great. I gave up after a few chapters because it was interminably boring. And the boyfriend was boring. Even though he rode a motorbike. I didn’t realize until hearing about the latest antics of Tom Cruise, below, that my boyfriend was a member of Scientology.
L Ron Hubbard was a pseudo science God Botherer and the Father of Scientology, a movement that watchers term a cult.

One thing about cults, (and I lump all the following under this heading: Most religions, the global warming brigade…. 
Heck I’ll stop there before I annoy all my readers on either side of the political spectrum.
In fact, I believe the extremes of the political wings to be cultish in their zeal, whether capitalist or socialist in nature. 
One thing about cults is they suck all the fun out of literature to push their particular message. If you are tuned into the message, the literature will light you up like a candle. And if you don’t have time for the associated religious constructs, the literature will seem two dimensional. A bit like my previous boyfriend and his literature.

One mark of humanity is, by assuaging the fear we pump from our amygdalas as a part of the evolutionary process to keep ourselves and our offspring safe; we surround ourselves with others who have the same hued fear and work industriously, in most cases, to insure our admission into the pearly gates of heaven. 
There is nothing wrong with hanging your hat to a movement per se. Having a belief can help us to live well. If you have a movement to turn up to, you have something to get out of bed for. And if you’ve sinned your way through life like moi, being part of something bigger can remove the temptation of bad behaviours. 
After all, there’s no quicker way into heaven than trying to out-run the hounds of hell. 
 It all gets a bit crazy is when elaborate demeaning rituals are devised.  When religion is used to subjugate. When relationships break down because individuals have more attachment to a religion than their mate. Katie Holmes will know all about this and good luck to her in trying to escape the completely bonkers hubby:
Tom Cruise was reportedly deeply saddened and taken by surprise when Holmes escaped the scientology creeps who were sent to shadow Holmes and daughter Suri and filed for divorce. From the Daily News.
As a bigwig  in Scientology, he is living in Wacko City. Katie no longer wants to be a resident alongside him. Good luck to her in her endeavors to keep her daughter safe. 
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Crazy is as crazy does.
As for my religious beliefs: Personally I believe we are moving from a period of Orcishness (rampant wars, marked by Union and Corporate domination of our culture) to a time of Elvishness and prosperity 🙂 
I’m going to call my religion Orcs2Elves. And if you think that’s crazy, google Scientology. 
First five people to donate get to be numbers 2IC thru 5 in my religion. Open your wallet wide because my religion requires me to live in absolute comfort: I may even need to don my robe and wizard hat.
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