Female Boxing in the Spotlight.

A judgmental opinion piece from the Herald on the boxing match between Jaime Ridge and Rosanna Arkle:
The writer is being a snot with this:
“Tawdry events like this only undermine efforts by real female athletes to achieve recognition for their performance, rather than their appearance and body shape”.
Personally I can’t understand the perspective of the writer, that women’s sport is the loser following the boxing match between Ridge and Arkle. Any gender can effectively use all their assets for progression in any role. Why the need to minimize the visually appealing ones?

Of course there is going to be a bit of juvenile fascination with previously unconsidered items such as breast protection plates.
Just as there is fascination with cricket boxes for males. 
However there is an established audience of female fighting sports such as boxing and roller derby. I have friends who participate in both. I imagine there is huge potential to grow the audience. And you could find worse role models for young females. 

New Zealand women aren’t used to the concept of fighting. If you’re an Israeli woman you’d know how to hold your own with any aggressor by the age of 20. They draft both men and women into the Israeli army. Being landlocked and surrounded by potential and real aggressors has given rise to this demand upon the population. Women serve until the age of 38 even if they are mothers.

The Segev Committee in in 2007 considered the gender balance in the army and reaffirmed the need to increase opportunities for womb in the army, opening all jobs but a handful to all women. Both men and women dare used to the visual imagery of fighting females.  

I met a women from Israel recently. She had served and emigrated to America in her mid 20’s. She is now a strong, effective and very feminine business owner. She had no trouble telling me her opinion on my business decisions. Being a sook at heart I was taken aback at first and then appreciative of her candor.

The unisex Caracal battalion. Photo from Wikipedia commons.

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