Cry me a river

Why on earth anyone would pay attention to Macsyna King is almost beyond me. However I am well enough acquainted with human nature to know that tears and victimhood are powerful drugs. Tapu Misa has ingested these with her bleeding-heart rubbish on Ms King:

At the end of the day she failed to protect her children. They ended up dead. Ergo Ms King should shut up and live out the rest of the days without more attention seeking rubbish from the media.
Ms King isn’t suffering one iota of pain. People in real pain don’t court media attention. They suffer behind closed doors unless driven to help others in the same situation:
“Was Macsyna indifferent to her babies? Why, according to hospital staff, were her visits so infrequent when her babies were in the neo-natal unit?
She told Wishart her presence wasn’t always seen or noted by staff: “Yes, I could have been there more often … but here is the reality I faced. I had a 1-year-old who needed looking after at home”

So what? When I had premature twins last year I had three children who needed looking after at home. However a mother’s place is with her newborns. I was with them as much as humanly possible. I didn’t have a no-hoper husband like her but I am disabled with a severe limp. I managed.

” I found it a real struggle, physically …” She’d had a caesarean, remember, and twins.”

So what? I was out of the hospital bed fours hours after an emergency caesar. The neonates unit didn’t want to let me in particularly as I was still hooked up to a stomach drain. I told them I was coming in for my kangaroo cuddle and wouldn’t take no for an answer. 
Another Mum dove out of recovery minutes after being sewn up to see her premature baby. She almost fainted after losing a litre of blood. I’m not convinced of Ms King’s mothering instinct in light of my personal knowledge.

“It wasn’t surprising that King’s communication with hospital staff wasn’t always cordial. She felt judged and disrespected.”

Anyone who has a bad experience in the neonates unit feels judged and disrespected.  The social worker requested the psych unit assess me. This from not taking suggested rests and saying I wanted to stay at hospital with my twins so we could all leave together. I felt very judged and disrespected.
Did that have a bearing on the fact that no one told her she was entitled to 200 hours of home help because she had newborn twins and an older child to look after? (My middle-class sister got that when she had her twins.)”

Why should she be expected to cope, “only with help”. A decent mother just gets on with the job.
I never took advantage of the 200 free hours despite my eligibility.

As as for the rubbish about a premature newborns twins being weaker. Somehow I predict there will be a lot of “rough cuddling”, defences in child abuse cases in the future.

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