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u A councillor urinating in public may not be a reason for Central Government to appoint a Crown Review Team to “fix” troubled Council’s but incessant rates increases without restraint demonstrating fiscal imprudence, may be. The largely unheralded Local Government Act 2002 Bill passed it’s first reading in Parlimant yesterday:

From the No More Rates website:

The new Bill contains proposals for introducing measures to limit council expenditure, debt and the level of rate rises. The Bill also provides for direct Government intervention at an early stage where it becomes apparent that a council has problems staying within prescribed fiscal limits

I am perusing the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill

The eye is immediately drawn by the following under Part 10:
Powers of Minister To Act in Relation to Local Authorities:

  1. (i)  a failure by the local authority to demonstrate prudent management of its revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, investments, or general finan-
    cial dealings in terms of any parameters or bench- 20 marks prescribed by regulations made under
    sec- tion 259(1)(dc); and 

It’s a chunky piece of legislation and may run into trouble by being too chunky. Time will tell.

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