Highest bidder please

Godspeed through the house. I refer to the partial asset sales legislation.

My personal experience is that I do not easily sell my assets. If I own a property, the longer I hang onto it, the better I do from a revenue and improving my balance sheet position. Like any business, you want to maximize your return from your assets and hold for the appropriate period of time on the business cycle.
I liken the asset sales legislation to a long term property investment business. You might not want to sell, not being a trader, but you might need to, to pay down debt.
Leftwonk politician’s will scoff and say, “whatever”.
Three words: Poland, Greece and Spain.
Just because we’re not teetering on the brink doesn’t mean there isn’t a cliff. Long term growth in GDP and a better lifestyle for all NZ’ers means balancing a lot of priorities and when you can avoid borrowing to fund any of these priorities it is better to do so.
The other good reason to flog off some shares to the highest bidder and the point on which the government should be held to the highest account:
Funding infrastructure.
Living in the USA makes one aware of how important infrastructure is.
Every hour spent on the roads take value out of businesses and weakens the GDP. It would be great to see the triangle between New Plymouth, Wellington and Tauranga opened up with massive freeways and this shouldn’t necessarily in time preclude some kind of heavy rail in Auck to pull in a doubled population just as the BART or Bay Area Railway Transport sucks in 300,000 passengers daily to central San Francisco.
Increased NZX capitalization. NYLONKONG
New Zealanders just KNOW the rich wankers are ready to stockpile all the shares doing us out of SOE revenue to fund our schools and hospitals. If this could be ringfenced from happening, ordinary NZers could be getting the returns from our well performing assets instead of the government throwing it down the toilet. A good sized bourse is essential to healthy economy and wealth creation. . New York, London and ¬†Hong Kong are huge drivers of investment and local citizens tend to be savvy and well educated fiscally. They’re a lot harder to suck into the cult of socialism that has ruined NZ and put almost 2/3rds of NZers on some kind of “welfare”.

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