Credit for the Labour Gals

I believe in giving credit where credit is due and two tweets from yesterday showed that the Labour gals can fling parliamentary muck as good as the guys:

Now a talking point on Talkback, Labour MP Megan Woods made a numpty of herself with this example of Godwins Law:

Megan Woods:

Hitler had a pretty clear manifesto that he campaigned and won on. Question: does this make what he did ok @NZNationalParty?#SaveOurAssets
Ms Woods has today backed down Рbut she stuck it out for another two or three inane tweets defending her original remark. 
@myfewcentsnz1 as a historian usually I would agree but fact remains that nats are using faulty logic that historical examples can show

Basically that says to me that she is a dick of a historian.

Then we have the lovely Jacinda Ardern:

Asset sales bill just passed by one disgraceful vote. Absolutely gutted.
I don’t understand this. Je no comprende. What is a “disgraceful vote”?
Anthopomorphism in democracy. Who knew.  
Also it’s trivial that she is “absolutely gutted”. ¬†She’s not paid to be all emotional and hair-pully ¬†over passing legislation; she’s paid to find valid holes in the governing party’s proposals and take them down like a clown.¬†

Meanwhile Trevor Mallard plays prettily in the corner with this:
@Megan_Woods¬†Todd McClay almost certainly the worst chair of committee I’ve seen in the 1st half of my career. Thinking about solutions.
Thanks for sharing.

Girls! Curb your fish-wifely ways. When boys bicker it can be quite entertaining. Winston, Mallard, in better form, JK and Brownlee are good examples.  When girls do it, it makes them look petulant and prissy.
Boys have testosterone and use this to good effect to bluster their opponent into a corner.
Girls have the ability to inflict misery on their opponents in 1000 unseemly ways.  However, a more subtle approach is required to be the biggest bitch.
Social media might be a platform for the girls to avoid if the tweets indicate “hissyfit”. You’re already disadvantaged by being female. You do yourself no favors if the punters are left asking the question, “Is she fit”?

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