Brian Tamaki – just Plain Crazy

Whatever rubbish Brian Tamaki has pushed to date, he is now entering dangerous territory and his “xtian” movement has all the hallmarks of a cult.

The first hallmark of a cult is a charismatic leader. There is no arguing that Tamaki fits this description; he seems to speak well enough to be courted by the media and the base of his followers has grown rather than shrunk over the past decade. Usually such a leader is rendered harmless by the lack of appeal to the wider audience – their ideas are so hard to swallow that only the truly desperate mark time by adopting them. However Tamaki has assumed a veneer of respectability by appearing to have spun off from a traditional Christian movement. He is now the used car salesman of religion:

His danger lies in his extortion to followers to throw away community and family ties and follow him to some type of hall of redemption in South Auckland:
He was welcomed to the stage by a kapa haka group, which did a haka describing Tamaki as “the mouthpiece of God” and a “prophet”.

Mouthpiece of being a complete cock, more than likely.

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