Being Paralyzed Is My Perfect Life Challenge.

From The Huffington Post. In an interview with one of the inspiring stars of new Sundance Channel reality show, The Push Girls. A show about glamourous gals in wheelchairs:

Competitive swimmer Mia Schaikewitz was told: “Look, you can do anything that you did before. Especially sports! If you were a swimmer before, you should definitely get back in the pool.” And it was interesting, because I went back to everything… except for swimming. I tried every other sport. And then realized, “Why am I avoiding that?” And it’s because there are these emotional blockages that you put on yourself sometimes, to face things. In all honesty, at the time I got paralyzed, I had enough going on. So to add one more thing like that… I wasn’t ready. I think that’s the key: Knowing when you’re ready for something. 
You shouldn’t beat yourself up about staying in a safe place, because that’s a natural place for humans to want to be. But I think there comes a point when you gotta sink or swim. There really is that moment where you can stay in there and not live your life. I think every time you choose to go past that you realize how amazing life is. It opens up your world.

 Like Mia, a bleed left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Unlike Mia I can now walk without aid, albeit in a labored fashion. I have very little sensation in my left arm and leg. None from my left knee down. Every step is one of faith. My leg collapses if someone looks at me the wrong way, though others tell me they never notice my limp.

To read a story of a woman both more disabled than myself and more glamorous is strengthening. I’m unsure which give me more hope – the glamour to aspire to to kick my lazy ass off the couch or the tales of stem cell therapy that might one day give me the ability to run fast after my boys. 


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