Shout out for Solo Mums. And Tesla Guns.

While there is such a force of nature as a deadbeat Dad, we will have solo Mums. And they are not the cause of the unraveling of the fabric of society as the scaremongers on the right would have us believe. All around us they are the forces holding many of the volunteering positions in society and give away far more than they have themselves, including sage advice and impromptu, “cheering up”, parties.
This is a beautiful column from The Atlantic.

Paula B might want to invest in the technology of the future with regards to the contraceptive needs of the aforesaid Deatbeat dads. Nothing like a Tesla gun to scare off the feral male cats:

this from the Verge:

Loving that little testicle tightener.

Both the right and the left would have you believe they had the answers to the welfare conundrum. As last weeks welfare commentary roundup dictates, the chasm is too wide to bridge.
The patriarcial Paul Holmes on the right said: you have to start somewhere, 
The alarmist on the left Paul Little says it is a measure short of compulsory sterilization to enhance the quality of life for women on the DPB:

Housewifely logic tells me that both the left and the right are so sure they have the answer; no-one does.
It is like the Mormons staunching out the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both Gods can’t be the only saviour. Therefore ne’er the twain shall meet.
The obvious answer is to cease using welfare as a political football. The majority government of the day needs to cap the spending at a certain level, but representatives across the political spectrum should decide where the money is best spent. Only then will the ugly divisiveness across the middle and beneficiary classes subside. Maori and National have so far not come to blows over Whanau Ora. Shearer would do well to sharpen his speech making around the need for Labour and the Greens to be allowed a place at the welfare bargaining table for the future harmoonious wellbeing of New Zealand communities.

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