An eyeful of nipple put this likely lad off his food:
A 17 yr old boy was reported to take a photo of a young lass breastfeeding at a New Plymouth food court:

The poor boy was roundly whipped regarding his action in posting this picture of a breastfeeding women on Twitter:

“A 17-year-old male who published a photo online of a woman breastfeeding at a food court has apologised for causing offence.
A women’s health group says the saga highlights that some people still view breastfeeding as unnatural.”

WTF? Of course breastfeeding is unnatural. Both on the part of observer, and breast milk provider alike.
During our early decades, we women sport mammary glands that are both trustworthy and unchanging. For years there is not so much as a milky dribble to indicate the presence of any function other than decorative. Once pregnant, all hell breaks loose. As soon as you test absolutely, positively pregnant, you start leaking like an ACC whistleblower.
Once your loinfruit has been birthed, within days, your breasts turn into bags of painful marbles. I’ll never forget the hospital midwife walking into the room and taking one look at my face before saying sympathetically:
“Is it the titties, love”? When I nodded to the affirmative she bought me cabbage leaves and a cup of milo and I set about mastering the art of latching on.
I had never before had Titties in my life (Flatties, more like) and now I had both the awesome responsibility of a newborn baby and some Titties with which to nurture him.
I think I thrust them in front of many cameras in those early days and probably wouldn’t have cared if a 17 year old youth had stalked me for photos. I was proud of both their form and function.
To me this kind of reaction from the women’s health droups makes breastfeeding seem more unnatural than the boy’s initial reaction. Whether a boy is 7, 17 or 70, you sometimes have to ignore some of the more outrageous stuff and just get on with the task at hand. Future generations are depending on you.

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