"Go back to work Uterus. I mean, Woman".

This welfare policy from John Key and Paula Bennett is the most disgusting policy in the history of welfare reforms. From the Herald:
50% of the population written off as nothing more than walking uteruses or uterii just like that.
The message inherent in this policy is that, if you’re a women (any woman) in certain situations, the state and the welfare department’s case managers can have an opinion and influence over what you do with your uterus.
I get quite grumpy over anyone who has an opinion over the number of kids I have. ¬†It’s a private matter for women and their partners. Moreover, this policy is an insult to my value as a female member of the human race. A message that is picked up by the violent and the crackpots. Watch the rates of domestic abuse, violent sexual offending and child abuse rise. This always happens when a government sticks the boot in to females.¬†
Yes, there are a few cases of women who have further children while on a benefit. For the most part these women have been taken advantage of, by a MALE. Or they may have a lower emotional or actual I.Q. This still doesn’t give the state to have a right to have an opinion over whether they or THEIR KIDS, (and that part is the bit that shocks me), should be on the pill. It must be reiterated here that most individuals on the DPB are on it because their situation changed dramatically and suddenly.
There are always a few bastards at any end of the scale; those who abuse benefits are at one end. The middle of the bell curve is where policy should be set and the piss-takers should be targeted by demographic or region with the birth control options being made available, subtly. This broadly announced policy indirectly and negatively effects 50% of the population, just as the 1991 welfare reforms did. It is not going to help National to walk to victory in 2014.
I have spent time defending John Key and Paula Bennett to friends and family, as a support party to the party I supported ūüôā ; I’m sure most M.P’s are good people just doing their often difficult jobs. ¬†
I met three of the four MP’s in my electorate, and felt they all wanted to do their best for the community and New Zealand including the lovely National M.P ¬†Katrina Shanks.¬†
But if the women don’t speak up, National now has a high chance of screwing up and losing the 2014 election.¬†¬†
I would like to see what the parties with Supply and Confidence with National have to say over this piece of junk. I also wonder where the Exclusive Brethren are and whose ears they are in.

More than likely we’re in for a long cold socialist winter in 2014. ¬†
This absolutely disgusting policy seeks to control the reproductive choices of all women.  
¬†I won’t rant at any particular individual but it’ll be a man driving this policy. And whoever he is:
I may have a uterus but it is ……….. who is the ..nt.
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