What’s a JAFUH to do?

I have accepted my lot as a housewife. IE, non-renumerated and often covered in crap, on permanent shift work albeit with perks. I am employed as Mummy (Mom) in a San Francisco East Bay neighborhood. The father of my loin fruit got a good deal with a short sale on a house, complete with a garden rather larger than I am used to:

My first job is to go through and catalogue the plants so I can converse intelligently with our gardener. Goody.

I don’t mean to be snide, ungrateful or dismissive of that most maligned but worthy of professions. Housewife, that is.
I was born with a strong streak of Virginia Woolf and find it hard to accept that any inclinations towards full-time work must needs be curtailed. Until this point I have always bought in a wage or volunteered extensively.
As a mother of five in a new country, I’ll have plenty to do for the foreseeable future and have to park ambition for now.

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