Selfish drivin families

Brian Rudman takes a crack at the conversion of the dedicated Remuera Rd bus lane to a T3 lane where cars with three or more occupants can use the lane.
I take exception to the following paragraph:
“Instead of having to live with a nasty bus lane, Remuera will be graced with a T3 lane instead, an exclusive lane for Mummy to rush her two kids back and forth to school in the Remuera tractor, which “.buses will also be allowed to share”.
What that paragraph says to me, is that the female who uses public transport to go to work, who lives in a less salubrious suburb is morally superior than that that procreates and dares to live in a household that can afford a decent gas guzzling, dinosaur displacing SUV to move her dependent Armani clad loin-fruit . 
“Fuck that”, I say. All offspring are people too. why shouldn’t Mom scoot ahead of adjacent traffic-clogged lanes to meet all the weighty commitments demanded of her? Hopefully she gets time for a facial appointment to boot.¬†
HOV lanes or High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes are common in the U.S.   
They appear to be lightly but effectively policed and complement the effective public transport system. In the East Bay of san Francisco where I live the (BART) or Bay Area Rapid Transit moves people rapidly from  the East Bay from adjacent counties and Oakland/Richmond, across land and under water to the city of SF. 
But such effective far reaching pubic transport is not going to met the needs of all. Just as cities and their surrounds are a mix of people and circumstances, so are the needs of those households. A dynamic city recognizes the needs of all these households. 

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