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Today I spent time fishing these:

From this:

I was able to remind myself that I was experiencing problems of the First World variety. That experiencing abject frustration doesn’t mean I am experiencing disaster and that people in parts of the Third World have a set of problems in an entirely different class. At the end of the day I relaxed with a couple of glasses:

And thank God for those women now in full bloom who have had a strong influence on issues affecting women around the world over the past two decades. The world would be a very different place without their actions. On my reading list is Madeleine Albright’s book “Prague Winter”.The book details her family’s survival story though the seismic upheavals that splintered Eastern Europe over the last century.
It was announced this week that Madeleine Albright will receive the United States highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She served as the first¬†female¬†United States Secretary of State under President Bill¬†Clinton. Previously as American ambassador to the United Nations, Albright was instrumental in the UN Human Rights Commission passing a resolution defining rape as a war crime. This was in reaction to the horrors occurring in Bosnia. A salute to all the roses in full bloom who continue to break through glass ceilings all around the world. Including New Zealand’s very own Helen Clark, of course.

And see an insightful interview with Madeleine Albright from 2010 here:

The scent of a rose always lingers. Former ACT MP Deborah Coddington lost her Mother Patricia Marie Coddington who died this week. Patricia Coddington was a NZAF Woman’s Air Leader in WWII. A salute to all those women of generations past who served in wars. Condolences to the Coddington family.

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