Boo Hoo Hoodly Hoo

By the time I read to the end of this story my feelings about this employment incident had done a u-turn.

The JAFUH take on the incident:
Katrina Bach is the Department of¬†Building and Housing¬†Chief. Last May she swore at some useless tit of a junior and followed it up by holding the girl’s head and asking, “what is going on in that head of yours”?

Cue the big fat outcry. Public Services Association National Secretary Brenda Pilott called the findings, “a shameful double standard”. This will be because Ms Bach pulls in a salary that the union regards as indecent. They obviously don’t believe in the mantra: “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”.

It used to be that the Boss Guy was someone who protected you from the heartless senior execs. In return you didn’t begrudge the toney car or the bigger pay packet. You probably aspired to be in their position of employment one day. In these days of Reality Media, if you push the right buttons you get to pull the Boss Lady down a rung or two.

As for the abuse, what a sooky bunch if a bit of swearing is enough to call for dismissal. In one of my first jobs as a student, I overheard the supervisor saying, “that fuckin Monique had better get her act together”.
I pulled my fucking act together and that was one of the most enjoyable workplaces I ever worked in. I ended up friends with the supervisor and had a lot of laughs on the job.

The swearing will be the tip of the iceberg of a power struggle. One of them will be bullying the other. Overtly and with a bad case of Entitliitis if it is the Boss Lady. It will be interesting to see if other reports of bullying by Bach come to light.  However, the junior may very well have been passive aggressive and trying to pull in some cohorts to back her.

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