A load of misogynist twattle.

Good to know New Zealand’s finest males are championing the causes of today’s Mothers and Babies.

1.Step right up: Carl Davidson of the Families Commission:

Carl Davidson

Carl Davidson (Chief Commissioner)

Carl Davidson is one of New Zealand’s most experienced market and social researchers. He brings to the Commission a range of skills acquired from works as a Social Scientist with the DSIR, an academic with Massey University and a market researcher with a range of companies.
Carl is chief commissioner at the Families Commission. He has never breastfed. He knows naught about the challenges facing women with families returning to work. He has been recently employed to advocate on behalf of families but has thrown the whole of the female workforce under the bus by saying extending paid parental leave to six months is too expensive:

“I mean, wouldn’t it be great if none of us had to go to work and we could just stay at home and raise our kids and get paid for it”?

What a nong employing that kind of condescending tone. I don’t feel confident this man is fit to advocate on behalf of families. And that, don’t forget is what he is employed to do. Not feign concern about the countries finances as a whole.

2. Step right up Uncle Scrooge, aka Bill English:

Bill is a family guy. Bill and Mary have six children.  Bill says paid parental leave is too expensive for the country:


That’s right. Despite having eyeballed plenty of lactating breast in his time, he is putting his foot down, no discussion on PPL, end of story.
It is worth pointing out here, here has always been lots of dough on hand to bailout financial institutions despite the economic climate: Top three bailouts by National governments that Bill has been a part of:

1.  1990.  43rd National Govt. BNZ bailout to the tune of $380 million.
2.   2010.   South Canterbury Finance bailout to the tune of 1.7 billion
3.   2011. AMI Insurance. Cost exceeding 1.5 billion.

Plenty of money on the books to prevent the financial markets from crapping themselves but none for PPL. And it is not money that is ever recouped.
Essentially we pay for overseas companies to take our loan books, add value and make a shite load of money upon the eventual sale. A notorious private company advised on the bailout of BNZ then scooped up over 30% of the company at rock bottom prices. AMI Insurance now belongs to the Aussies just like our banks.

3. Paul Holmes has now put his oar in, demeaning women all around New Zealand:


Paul Paul Paul.  If you had ever actuated you might have a different perspective.

These are the people influencing policies through government and the media that effect the families of today. Not a leaky tit among them.

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