That’s Life Herald Edition

The Herald online leading story today is a sad tale of childbirth. Summary:
¬†Woman is 7 months pregnant with second son Billy. Woman’s goes into heart failure, surgeons deliver the baby who tragically dies while Woman’s heart is being massaged. Husband watches at the horror unfolding before his eyes. Woman defies the odds and survives the ordeal without brain damage or other predicted effects.

I don’t go online to read the daily newspaper to wind up blubbing into my coffee; that’s what I read the woman’s magazines for.
It would appear that just as the SStimes is becoming entrenched as a tabloid as is the Herald becoming more akin to That’s Life woman’s magazine. Def’n of this honorable publication from Wikipedia:
¬†That’s Life! is a¬†magazine¬†aimed toward a young female demographic and specialises in gritty real life stories contributed by its readers.
I am not dedicated enough to do a body count of similar gritty real life stories in the Herald, but I expect the number is greater than ten or even five years ago. Where to next for real journalism?

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