What are we, sheep?

Parents that is.
The convicted paedophile teacher working in a primary school from 2009 to 2011 is the subject of a ministerial enquiry, and has had his identity suppressed.
Most of the parents have been following instructions not to speak to the media. From The Herald:
The primary school has sent a number of newsletters home this week, explaining the situation as well as giving advice as to how they should speak with their children about it.

The high school has also sent a letter home to parents.
Yesterday as parents arrived to pick up their children at the Auckland primary school where the man had worked, many did not want to comment as they had been asked not to speak to media.

Stuff complying with any kind of gagging directive. You’d expect good parents to line up to have their say so other parents can learn from the mistakes of the Ministry of Education. You can guarantee that by the time the enquiry is complete, the resultant material will be watered down and filled with weasel words. Parents need to know how to protect their kids. Especially in light of these chilling words:

The mother, who did not want to be named, described him as an inspirational teacher and a role model who had the parents’ full trust and was very much loved by students.
“Clearly this was a man who was good at hiding his tracks. He fooled a lot of people.
“We trusted him fully. We were like a family … that’s why it hurts so much.
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