Victoria Taylor Mother of the Week: Kelly Percy.

No shortage of child bashing losers in NZ.

Kelly Percy blubs in court because she is forced to face the truth somewhere in her brain that she isn’t a fit member of the human race, let alone a mother. God forbid she should get back the toddler son taken off her by CYF’s after she, or someone else she let into her home, bashed her daughter Hail Sage McClutchie to death.
Whatever the coroner finds, she is definitely guilty of being a bad Mum.
Ms Percy says a series of falls caused the traumatic brain injuries that Hail Sage suffered.
Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. I’ve seen every kind of injury happen to a child at that age. Twenty two months is a notorious age for falling. My son wiped out on a tiled floor at 2yrs and the size of the egg on ¬†his head caused other Mums to confront my Nanny at the local playground. That was pretty nasty looking and one of the worst we have had, but none of the doctors were worried. It takes real intentional damage by another car, a falling building as in the Christchurch Earthquakes, or another human being, to cause the fatalities inflicted on Hail Sage.
Brickbats to the other two losers of the piece, the first being the doctor who failed to be decisive about the nature of the injuries . He said so himself – the argument for accidental injuries failed to stack up.
The 2nd loser is the reporter who failed to point out how weak the blubberer’s story sounded directly to her.

I almost didn’t post the above photo in case conclusions were drawn that this was a racist piece. Let me just say that I have met as many white losers as I have brown. I can also say that they tend to cluster.
What this photo does say to me is that monsters don’t necessarily appear that way. They can blub, show contrition and appear remorseful. What they also have that makes them a different breed entirely, is an ability to self deceive and compartmentalize. ¬†At the very most Ms Percy knows perfectly well who murdered her child. At the very least she is somehow convinced that she wouldn’t play pokies and neglect her child in the future. “She states that ” if the same thing was to happen to another of her children she says they’d take them instantly to the doctors”.
What the rest of us, normal compassionate empathetic humans mustn’t ever do, is allow ourselves to be sucked into her deception without proof of her rehabilitation. Our humanity is at stake.

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