Strange Men Take Advantage of Lawless’ Assets

It’s a case of “Lucy in the sky with a Distended Bowel as the Greenpeace group that illegally boarded oil prospecting ship “The Noble Discover spends further nights up the tower.

Look at the following photo and consider the following question very seriously. What part of Lucy Lawless do you most admire? Is it her political acumen?

I suspect not. As I have said elsewhere I have plenty of respect for Lawless as an actor but none for getting on a ship and hiding behind slogans. This is what I mean by hiding behind slogans. From her twitter feed:

There is no logic or reasoning behind any of those statements. That naughty boat is off to despoil the Arctic, Lawless implies in this Herald Article:
“The fact is that if drilling is allowed to go ahead it’s not a question of if there will be an oil spill in the Arctic, it’s a question of when.”
Using Housewife Logic, I replace the questionable technology in that stated conviction  with a different one and see if the same emotions are elicited:
” The fact is that if commercial flight is allowed to go ahead it’s not a question of if there will be a plane crash, it’s a question of when”.
Here is the boat in question:

It’s a terrible thing technology, it exposes you to all sorts of risks. But only when a large lump of ice is endangered, do we start to CARE in a warm, fuzzy, green kind of way.
With regards to the distended bowel and such fascinating matters. A bit of forward planning using an easily obtained emetic and you’re all cleared out and ready to go. You don’t need to sit on the crapper for days after a colonoscopy and they use the same compound to clean you out so they aren’t pointlessly pushing the camera around crap in your bowel.
I take an empty bottle in car for my wee boys for emergency urine unloadings, similarly will the guys take take care of their wee-wees and Lucy will have tubing and a funnel. Easy peasy.
The feminist angle. What on earth is Lawless doing allowing others to exploit her assets? I’d be very surprised if the powers that be within Greenpeace, were not rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of a bit of skirt with money being prepared to put herself on the line.
She is deluded if she thinks she’ll be welcomed into any political inner circle, and if she relishes the prospect of being political and truly effective, she may well be very disappointed.

Lucy is a widdle bit uncomfortable. But all it takes is a bit of chocolate to put it right. She was purportedly ecstatic when the protestor that left also left his stash of chocolate.
What kind of message is that to send? Not one that will get anyone to take her seriously. FFS.
This is more an opinion piece than fact backed analysis with regards to drilling in the Arctic. I am applying Housewife Logic to matters political and otherwise. Others out there are committing acts of real journalism if you wish to investigate further with regards to the veracity of oil drilling. Just don’t be fooled by Noises Off.
Politics these days is about sloganeering and brand abuse. This is why we have more ex TV presenters than people with disabilities in our Paliament.

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