New Zealand. The new Pitcairn of the Pacific. Part 2

Another bit of evidence that our name suppression laws work in the favour of perverts:
The particular patient that the story refers two was 24 at the time of the incident. The Dentist was found guilty of offending against her and four other individuals by the Dentists Disciplinary Tribunal by way of what is effectively indecent assault. However because he was originally tried and not found guilty by the high Court, the tribunal will not be releasing his name as that will bring them in breach of the High Court name suppression order.
From the article:
A Canterbury dentist found guilty of making a patient touch him sexually while she was sedated under his care has been granted permanent name suppression by the High Court.

But the dentist has given the High Court an assurance that he will tell patients of the convictions if he is asked.
The dentist was found guilty by the Dentists Disciplinary Tribunal last May of causing a patient to touch his penis while she was sedated in 2001.
The dentist was acquitted in 2002 after a court trial prompted by the 2001 incident.
If the tribunal cannot act with autonomy to protect patients by removing the name suppression order then lgislation should be drafted to close this particular loophole. 
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