More busybodies getting between Mums and babies

And note how in that title I capitalized the Mum and lower cased “baby”. These days given many prominent health stories you could be forgiven for thinking that “baby led anything” is the way to go and Mums are¬†by-and-large,¬†parenting criminals, standing in the way of an infant’s optimal health. I wish to go against this perception by capitalizing the role of Parents. As odd as that may sound.
The latest bullshit out from the medical profession suggests feeding your baby with a spoon (as opposed to letting them wean themselves), is akin to bottle-feeding with formula. And we all now know how bad formula is now the Piri Weepu’s have been outed in the smokefree coalition filming debacle.
Parents are ignorance incarnate. Parents insist on feeding infants formula despite the well established research that the composite elements of formula can be similar to a combination of: fracking fluid; scrapage from the walls of p-labs and the houses of recidivist smokers and the blood of West Nile River Virus infected bats. So it is entirely to be expected that parents will ignore the latest research showing that we are spoon-feeding our kids obesity instead of allowing them to wean themselves with finger food.
the university of Nottingham School of Psychology research is titled “baby knows Best”.
Stop Right There.
I would beg to disagree. I have five children currently at many stages of development from infancy to 8yrs. To be blunt, compared to me and their father, they know SFA.
Take my twins who will be one year of age on Valentine Day. I have been spoonfeeding them since they were three months of age. That’s right, totally against the Plunket recommended introducing solids at 6 months. My premature twins needed the boost that only food could provide, as their tiny bodies desperately tried to make up for missed in-utero development. No freaking expert needed to give me permission to do what was right there. I am still spoon-feeding them. Their best attempts at feeding themselves mean they are more likely to score a hole in one in a U.S open than manage to consistently get a reliable source of nutrition into their hungry maws without assistance.
Take this quote from the article by “dietician” Lea Stenning”:
“If mothers are forcing feeding times or manipulating the bottle by making the hole in the teet bigger for a faster flow rate, they can intefere with a child’s ability to regulate.”

Subtext: “Mothers are the enemy and would not be the enemy if they were to follow what we experts know is best. Mothers are always interfering. They are always manipulating things to their own advantage. Mothers are not to be trusted.
Lea Stenning is an idiot.  And the University School of Psychology Research is not to be trusted by presupposing every outcome with the title of the research unit, regardless of what their research might suggest.

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