Kiwi Braindrain. Generation exit.

A piece of wishful thinking in the Herald today. 

I say so, convinced that the stats are founded on an incomplete picture. When you leave New Zealand, as my family and I  did recently, you state on a departure card if you are leaving for a period of more or less than one year. If you have a contract with an open-ended term on employment, you may tick one year, but have in mind to stay longer.
How many kiwis are ticking one year but having dragged a family to the other side of the world may be looking to seek permanent residency? After an enormous upheaval a year is a very short period of time to be uprooting a family and moving back.
New Zealand is currently quite a divisive and chaotic place. I believe it has been this way since the weighty swings from the right to left of the political spectrum as demonstrated by this graph at Kiwiblog.
High income earners can get sick of the negativity. If it lingers in memory, it can be tempting to apply for residency or citizenship. I note one of Cactus Kate’s latest posts: Happy Seventh Anniversary to me that contains handy living tips for Westerners in China. I supped quite casually on frogs legs at the behest of a Chinese friend at the weekend. Perhaps it’s time for revenge 🙂

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