Threats from the Maori Party to walk out on its pledged support for the National Government over the removal of a Treaty of Waitangi clause in state asset sales plans were issued last week.

Eddie at The Standard  has a theory that this was deliberately orchestrated by John Key to inflame racial tension in advance of the 2014 election.
Key’s intention was not to inflame racial dissent; that approach would only ever play into the lap of the Mana Party and WP. However it is disingenuous to suggest that Key could not see the issue as a flashpoint in advance. He will have been very well aware of s9 and I agree with this: from The Standard post:
“Of course, National already has a modified version of s9 ready to put into the asset sale legislation that will allow the Maori Party to save face without quitting the government but, for now, a whole lot of pissed off Maori suits Key very nicely”.
The supply and confidence agreement between National and the Maori Party are based on the foundation of recognition of treaty principles. Click here to see the supply and confidence between National and the Maori party.
The Treaty is a main cementing principle between the two parties as per this statement from the agreement:
“The National Party and the MńĀori Party will act in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty is our country‚Äôs founding document. It created a nation based on diversity and shared aspirations for future success and prosperity. Both National and the MńĀori Party are committed to working together to ensure MńĀori and all New Zealanders can enjoy a successful and more prosperous future”.¬†
So whatever Treasury might have advised, (pity the knucklehead who posted the advice to just remove or ignore s9 references from any asset sale agreements), this suggested course of action was never going to happen. Key now gets to play the saviour of the day with his ‘elegant solution’. Tariana Turia ¬†has reiterated the position of the Maori party with this, stateswoman like open letter.¬†She’ll provide stark relief to the Treaty stirrers while reminding iwi that the Maori Party was founded on meaningful protest and staying true to the principles of the Treaty. ¬†
However due to the instability taint, there is a very real possibility from now, the Maori Party will get their arses handed to them on a platter in 2014 by either Mana or National. The best path to seeing this doesn’t happen, is ensuring there is a clear choice to replace the Maori Party leaders.¬†

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