Brave, Brave, Christchurch.

It is hard to believe a year has passed since the most horrific natural disaster in New Zealand’s recent history. I know a number of the displaced, but no-one who was killed. ¬†Our thoughts are with everybody who lost someone and with those who continue to live through the debilitating aftershocks.
What we in the rest of New Zealand, or abroad cannot afford to forget is that, like an ancient Yurok myth below, Christchurch will feel like the “Last Town of Human Beings”, to those that remain. We should not deny Christchurch the manpower, the resources or the legislation to rebuild Central Christchurch, wherever the people of Christchurch choose to erect it. And it is only they who can truly know where to transplant the big beating warm heart it requires to survive.

From the Washington Post:

The following myth is taken from the Online Archive of California. It was originally told by Tskerkr, a Native Indian of the Yurok. In it, Earthquake suggests he should tear up the Earth and wherever the ground tilts, (presumably the plates) he shall level it. Thunder sugests they should be companions, and wherever they go he shall scare them:
Then Earthquake came to Erkier, the last town of human beings.¬†He was traveling at night; only once he had traveled by day. Then he tried to¬†shake the earth again. He felt it was as if it did not move. He shook harder. Then he felt it move a little. He hardly heard Thunder. Then he wished to know, because he scarcely had heard Thunder run. He said, “What is wrong?” Thunder said: “This is as far as I come. I cannot go beyond, because the sky descends.¬†He could not pass. But Earthquake looked at it. Thunder saw him nearly penetrate, tearing the earth. He said: “You will penetrate if you wish; but I, I cannot.” Earthquake said: “Well, I shall see you again.” Thunder said, “You will see me far off to¬†hierkik.

“Very well,” Earthquake said to him.
I cannot name the place because I do not know:¬†but Earthquake passed through to it. Then he saw ocean. He thought: “That is a good place.” The two told him: “No. You will see pretty places where we are going. This is not pretty.” Now Earthquake was listening for Thunder but heard nothing. He went a little way, listened again, and heard nothing. He began to shake the ground. Then it was as if he nearly heard Thunder. He shook harder, and really heard him. He thought: “It is well. I have my companion with me. I shall try to go around the world.”
e.¬†Then he started: but the two continued to go with him.Then Thunder met them. He said: “I wanted to see you again before you went on, because I wanted to know if you would do that: level the earth if you see it slope; for if it tilts, it will kill all persons. But if you care for it, it will lie level. And I will do the same in the sky. That is why I came to see you, because perhaps I shall not see you again for some time. So we will talk here to agree what we will do.” Earthquake said: “Let it be so.”
Now that is the reason Earthquake goes to different places because in the beginning he did that, and did not encompass the world in one day. It is thus with him now: he cannot go entirely around in a day, so he goes part way, and as it were spends the night. In some places he shakes the earth hard, in some he shakes it a little. For he did that in the beginning and does it now.
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