Big Ups for Tania Wysocki

It appears Tania Wysocki has done everything possible to get herself out of her current position. Whaleoil fills the much needed gap for true journalism and has a different angle on the story.
When I wrote on this story on an earlier post, I questioned why would someone go to the media instead of ‘just getting on with it’. I’ve never been a solo Mum but I’ve been disabled; in a wheelchair and unable afterwards to drive for a period of time, relying solely on public transport to get three kids to and from school and activities; I have sympathy for those parenting alone.
When you’re in the poo you generally just get on with it. Whinging is a luxury for luxury problems. I notice this get-to-it attitude in many of my friends, as we near our naughty ¬†40’s most of us have had shite to deal with. Therefore I questioned her motives for going public.¬†I was roundly told off by some commenters of the Kumbaya variety. Apparently I got through stuff so I want to kick the ladder out so others can’t. A bit like how Paula Bennett got herself trained while parenting solo and doesn’t want others to achieve her heights.¬†What a load of rubbish. Where is this substantiated? ¬†For me, I can say that when you’ve had stuff to deal with you’re more than happy to pass on your experience. As for offering my opinion, well, New Zealanders ¬†don’t like that and lot of people, especially women will bully and brood instead of being honest.

It appears Tania Wysocki was just getting on with it. In the course of ‘just getting on with it she approached some M.P.s, one of which, Labour’s Jacinda Ardern, got excited about how it seemed to fit with the “National is hooking off the poor, angle” and hooked her up with NZ Herald’s Simon Collins.
Mr Collins chose the angle and Ms Wysocki feels he emphasized the prostitution angle, over the angle that she was experiencing frustration at the absurdity of not being able to obtain childcare for level 6 courses where it was freely available for those attending level 3 or under courses.
‘Ware the mainstream media. There are only two stories that get enough publicity to sell papers. One is “National is Screwing the Poor”. ¬†The second is “The Poor are Hopeless”. Thank god decent bloggers and those new video savvy variety of journos are performing this much needed function to keep the pollies honest.
As for Tania Wysocki, I hope she gets through it all and acts as a catalyst for change for other women in her position to access training.

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