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Parents that is.
The convicted paedophile teacher working in a primary school from 2009 to 2011 is the subject of a ministerial enquiry, and has had his identity suppressed.
Most of the parents have been following instructions not to speak to the media. From The Herald:
The primary school has sent a number of newsletters home this week, explaining the situation as well as giving advice as to how they should speak with their children about it.

The high school has also sent a letter home to parents.
Yesterday as parents arrived to pick up their children at the Auckland primary school where the man had worked, many did not want to comment as they had been asked not to speak to media.

Stuff complying with any kind of gagging directive. You’d expect good parents to line up to have their say so other parents can learn from the mistakes of the Ministry of Education. You can guarantee that by the time the enquiry is complete, the resultant material will be watered down and filled with weasel words. Parents need to know how to protect their kids. Especially in light of these chilling words:

The mother, who did not want to be named, described him as an inspirational teacher and a role model who had the parents’ full trust and was very much loved by students.
“Clearly this was a man who was good at hiding his tracks. He fooled a lot of people.
“We trusted him fully. We were like a family … that’s why it hurts so much.
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The latest tranche of welfare reforms has now been announced. Predictably it has been met with acclaim on the right and cries of benefit bashing on the left.
And how did that No Hopey, Changey stuff work for you after 1991, National?

Widowed Kylee Guy and son following the murder of husband Scott Guy. Her future is tougher under National. Image TV3
The “Benefit Slashers” image was probably the single biggest factor in losing the 1999 election and ¬†2002; in 2005 it was the second biggest factor after Don Brash and his mates: The Exclusive Brethren.¬†
Watch history repeat itself later in this decade. John Key could do a great big cakewalk down the middle of New Zealand; he could do a big cakewalk with Gerry through Aotea Square, down Lambton Quay, through the Octagon and pull Jesus out of a freshly resurrected Christchurch Cathedral and Shearer is still a shoe-in if the economy doesn’t improve and hardship stories from kiwi battlers become pronounced.¬†
Every good conspiracy theorist who voted for Winston Peters “knows” that JK is the smiling assassin and was just biding time to take it to the poor.¬†
It’s a little more complicated. No offense to anyone who voted Winston and I’m a conspiracy theorist myself but instead of inhaling the old vox pop stories offered up by the ‘traditional’ News Media, APN and Fairfax, I use my Housewife Logic to work out the “truth”.¬†
One truth is, women did nothing for wonen in 1991 and they are doing nothing now. 

For overseeing the legendary welfare cuts of 1991 as Minister of Social Welfare, Jenny Shipley is ¬†considered one of the most malignant women in the history of New Zealand to 50% of the population. She is surpassed only by Ruthanasia Ruth Richardson in the “Women Who Throw Other Women Under The Bus’, stakes. I guess Paula is in line for the bronze.¬†
In 1991, huge social shifts had just occurred. Women were leaving their loser husbands in droves. Most of them had children and with little access to work and wage inequality, they were reliant on the DPB. They were just able to survive on this welfare and had the ground ripped from them when benefits were slashed. That’s when, for a myriad of reasons from the political spectrum, New Zealand no longer became a great place to live. Instead of targeting the child-bashing losers, and supporting real life families with re-training, punishing women for the red-neck vote became a blood sport. Everyone was treated the same and every woman on the DPB became stigmatised. After all the ballyhoo, National did a tits job at creating placements for beneficiaries; socialism gained a greater toehold and National was eventually booted.¬†
I can’t believe there were no other solutions to the universal policy of cutting entitlements and targeting women. Probably there was a benefit bubble where this group of babyboomer women could have raised their children and had access to re-training with free education. New Zealand would never have been exposed to divisive anti women baby-factory rubbish.¬†And it should have been the women who pointed this out to the class of 1991.¬†
Same scenario, different generation and this time it is the children of those same baby-boomers who are now being targeted across the board as bludgers. 
From the Herald today: “Nothing arouses popular ire quite as much as the possibility solo mothers can have more babies on the domestic purposes benefit”.
Me: This says to a certain element in society: “A woman’s place isn’t making mistakes or requiring help. A woman’s place is cooking my eggs Biarch; on the back of my fist, or in the grave”.¬†
And once again a woman is wheeled out to try and sell us what the same class of 1991 have prescribed. We know the current crop of women in the National Cabinet are just the fluffers for the main stars, but we love to hate them anyway. Perhaps we hate them because they have no real power. 

No matter how they are spun to us as Tuff Luvin, Green Hotcakes, we know they aren’t doing it hard like some kiwi women and they seem to be ignoring the pain being caused by new policies. We know they wouldn’t act anyway, because of some unseen greater cause. We tolerate the do-gooder younger breed who are just weaning and we have a xenophobic paranoia about the Bennett’s and the Collins of politics. They have broken ranks with the sisterhood with across-th-board changes to benefits that treat a widowed 40 yr old; a divorced stay at home Mum, with the very few problematic young un’s.
You should have staged the changes John and Co. Now you have several PR problems on your hands.

Anti Women PR Problem 1.
How does National sell canning the widows benefit? The widows get shifted over to the all-purpose benefit on a lesser rate. You know, so they can wait it out until they too die, or go on the super, on a bit more hardship. Big fail. Women alone tend to help in the community and whatever the savings, the PR cost for National will be great. Perhaps this benefit should be means tested (life insurance payouts can be substantial) but until women have similar pay and job prospects as men, it does no harm to retain it.
How many millions of dollars can the Kylee Guys of the world possibly cost? Maybe she will support herself. What if she has no education and her husband and her were planning to farm together. With no husband and no father for the children it may be at least 14 years before she can re-train. If you are in this bracket you inevitably fall through the cracks, and for no lack of hard work.

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Shelley Bridgeman has much to say about the perception of women in society in this Herald article:

¬†She discusses the case of Christie Marceau, ¬†a perfect example where women’s rights are trivialized by courts and the repercussions are visited violently upon unsuspecting victims.
On 7th November last year Christie Marceau was killed outside her parents home, allegedly by the same man who was bailed near to her home, after being charged for kidnapping and assaulting her. This mongrel has name suppression while 18 year old Christie lies in a grave. And she is not the first female victim murdered by a killer bailed to a close by address.  This TV3 news story details other cases:

The judge David McNaughton who bailed the alleged killer appears as a daft menace at the very least. Perhaps he had no alternative to the decision to bail, working within the existing legal framework.
The legislation needs to be changed quicker than you can say:”Simon Powers’ Exit Survey”.
Greater transparency is required. The public needs to be able to see why judges make the decisions they do to maintain respect for the profession. We should be able to ream it home to them and the politicians if they don’t give enough weight to victims rights. They interpret the law; they are not the law.
On another level, Judge McNaughton’s sympathy for the alleged perpetrator outweighed his considerations of the rights of the victim.
¬†I imagine the perp had only one location as an option to be bailed to and that was near Marceau’s home. The judge felt he had no alternative but to let him be bailed to be Marceau’s neighbour. He concluded that the harm to the killer being kept in custody was going to be greater than the mental and possible physical harm to the victim. On this level he had an active hand in Marceau’s death.

At another level judge McNaughton could be that most dangerous of persons, someone working at the coalface who has no idea how the mind of a criminal works. Some are able to be rehabilitated and some are not. Only experience with the latter teaches you the difference. Ignorance in a judge causes lasting societal harm.
On yet another level, judge McNaughton is a male and has no idea of what it does to you being an abused female . A physically slight female who has been assaulted by someone trusted. She was a teenager who now lies in a grave. This was the worst of consequences. She might not have died. She may have lived on with the impact of the first offenses against her.
If you are assaulted as a teenage female by a male you trust, part of you remains stunted into adulthood. You retain a wariness. You both want to please and maintain the upper hand in your relationships with everyone. You tend not to hold the gaze of other people.
You might be proud and refuse help but wear an invisible “kick Me”, sign.
And people being people, some of them do kick you; it is generally females who sense weakness like sharks circling in the water.
When you find you have broken covenant with both males and females, the universe is a lonely place. You’re an actor with a normal life in one scene; in another you’re a perpetual Gulliver. Breaking free of the restraints is a lifetime journey, one that Christie Marceau will never take.
I now refer back to another recent Shelley Bridgeman article: It suggests that harassment is the price of being female:

At the end Ms Bridgeman states that she feels angrier, the more she thinks about it.
I say anger is a great place to start.

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It’s a case of “Lucy in the sky with a Distended Bowel as the Greenpeace group that illegally boarded oil prospecting ship “The Noble Discover spends further nights up the tower.

Look at the following photo and consider the following question very seriously. What part of Lucy Lawless do you most admire? Is it her political acumen?

I suspect not. As I have said elsewhere I have plenty of respect for Lawless as an actor but none for getting on a ship and hiding behind slogans. This is what I mean by hiding behind slogans. From her twitter feed:

There is no logic or reasoning behind any of those statements. That naughty boat is off to despoil the Arctic, Lawless implies in this Herald Article:
“The fact is that if drilling is allowed to go ahead it’s not a question of if there will be an oil spill in the Arctic, it’s a question of when.”
Using Housewife Logic, I replace the questionable technology in that stated conviction  with a different one and see if the same emotions are elicited:
” The fact is that if commercial flight is allowed to go ahead it’s not a question of if there will be a plane crash, it’s a question of when”.
Here is the boat in question:

It’s a terrible thing technology, it exposes you to all sorts of risks. But only when a large lump of ice is endangered, do we start to CARE in a warm, fuzzy, green kind of way.
With regards to the distended bowel and such fascinating matters. A bit of forward planning using an easily obtained emetic and you’re all cleared out and ready to go. You don’t need to sit on the crapper for days after a colonoscopy and they use the same compound to clean you out so they aren’t pointlessly pushing the camera around crap in your bowel.
I take an empty bottle in car for my wee boys for emergency urine unloadings, similarly will the guys take take care of their wee-wees and Lucy will have tubing and a funnel. Easy peasy.
The feminist angle. What on earth is Lawless doing allowing others to exploit her assets? I’d be very surprised if the powers that be within Greenpeace, were not rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of a bit of skirt with money being prepared to put herself on the line.
She is deluded if she thinks she’ll be welcomed into any political inner circle, and if she relishes the prospect of being political and truly effective, she may well be very disappointed.

Lucy is a widdle bit uncomfortable. But all it takes is a bit of chocolate to put it right. She was purportedly ecstatic when the protestor that left also left his stash of chocolate.
What kind of message is that to send? Not one that will get anyone to take her seriously. FFS.
This is more an opinion piece than fact backed analysis with regards to drilling in the Arctic. I am applying Housewife Logic to matters political and otherwise. Others out there are committing acts of real journalism if you wish to investigate further with regards to the veracity of oil drilling. Just don’t be fooled by Noises Off.
Politics these days is about sloganeering and brand abuse. This is why we have more ex TV presenters than people with disabilities in our Paliament.

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Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Frack off out of my home province. Jobs are at stake.
Lucy Lawless is protesting by climbing up the tall part of a ship.  She wants to stop Shell for prospecting for oil and as part of a group of protestors has boarded a ship in Port Taranaki today.
Protestors including Ms Lawless climbed aboard prospecting ship The Noble Discoverer en route to the Artic at 7.am and are now refusing to leave. From the Taranaki Daily News.
Lawless: “As a mother and a human being I find that absolutely reprehensible. I believe we have to clean this up and take care of this burden so our children wont have to”.
What a load of bunk you speak Xena. Oil has underpinned most of the scientific discoveries that has served modern civilisation. Running out of this useful substance would be frackin’ awful. The climate change doomsayers would have us believe that we need to switch to sunshine power to save our souls as peak oil hit a decade ago and we are deluding ourselves by avoiding the inevitable.
I bet Lucy uses a car regularly and her kids have access to IPads.
Hypocrite. ¬†Does she suggest that after she has had the best of ‘Oil’, others should forgo access to technology enabled by oil?
You know? Without oil, vibrators would’ve remained on the drawing board.
I admired you for your role in Xena Lucy. It’s not often you see women in empowering roles. But now your message endangers the economy of my hometown.
I understand the imperative for Lawless; surely after participating in an ancient weapon wielding, primative tool utilizing filmset, everyday life must seem boring. An an opportunity to wage protest must be far more entertaining than sitting home embroidering ones knickers.
But Xena, what the frack about the environment do you know apart from Green slogans? They sound good, but are they substantiated?
Xena, It is only local jobs that you are hurting and sunshine power is nowhere near powering my car let alone my healthy skepticism. I know several people employed in the Taranaki oil industry and they will leave for Australia if the likes of you have your way.
And if oil were really that bad, God would have sent his thunderbolts to the ground well before man invented C.H.I.P.S. (The California Highway Patrol.)
A lot of the green information about oil is pure hysteria. I watched Gasland with some trepidation. If you see this movie it is impossible to dispel the image of tapwater going on fire allegedly because of fracking practices. This has since been debunked: the water went on fire because of the batural gas naturally ocuring in this water bore; the makers of Gasland knew this and refused to acknowledge it. Oil is a political, not a moral football. It pays to be sensible with our earth’s environment. We live in a closed system. We don’t want to be climate change enablers. ¬†But we risk losing sight of the scenery:

CHIP’S Erik Estrada. Proof God approves of Fracking.¬†

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It appears Tania Wysocki has done everything possible to get herself out of her current position. Whaleoil fills the much needed gap for true journalism and has a different angle on the story.
When I wrote on this story on an earlier post, I questioned why would someone go to the media instead of ‘just getting on with it’. I’ve never been a solo Mum but I’ve been disabled; in a wheelchair and unable afterwards to drive for a period of time, relying solely on public transport to get three kids to and from school and activities; I have sympathy for those parenting alone.
When you’re in the poo you generally just get on with it. Whinging is a luxury for luxury problems. I notice this get-to-it attitude in many of my friends, as we near our naughty ¬†40’s most of us have had shite to deal with. Therefore I questioned her motives for going public.¬†I was roundly told off by some commenters of the Kumbaya variety. Apparently I got through stuff so I want to kick the ladder out so others can’t. A bit like how Paula Bennett got herself trained while parenting solo and doesn’t want others to achieve her heights.¬†What a load of rubbish. Where is this substantiated? ¬†For me, I can say that when you’ve had stuff to deal with you’re more than happy to pass on your experience. As for offering my opinion, well, New Zealanders ¬†don’t like that and lot of people, especially women will bully and brood instead of being honest.

It appears Tania Wysocki was just getting on with it. In the course of ‘just getting on with it she approached some M.P.s, one of which, Labour’s Jacinda Ardern, got excited about how it seemed to fit with the “National is hooking off the poor, angle” and hooked her up with NZ Herald’s Simon Collins.
Mr Collins chose the angle and Ms Wysocki feels he emphasized the prostitution angle, over the angle that she was experiencing frustration at the absurdity of not being able to obtain childcare for level 6 courses where it was freely available for those attending level 3 or under courses.
‘Ware the mainstream media. There are only two stories that get enough publicity to sell papers. One is “National is Screwing the Poor”. ¬†The second is “The Poor are Hopeless”. Thank god decent bloggers and those new video savvy variety of journos are performing this much needed function to keep the pollies honest.
As for Tania Wysocki, I hope she gets through it all and acts as a catalyst for change for other women in her position to access training.

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No shortage of child bashing losers in NZ.

Kelly Percy blubs in court because she is forced to face the truth somewhere in her brain that she isn’t a fit member of the human race, let alone a mother. God forbid she should get back the toddler son taken off her by CYF’s after she, or someone else she let into her home, bashed her daughter Hail Sage McClutchie to death.
Whatever the coroner finds, she is definitely guilty of being a bad Mum.
Ms Percy says a series of falls caused the traumatic brain injuries that Hail Sage suffered.
Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. I’ve seen every kind of injury happen to a child at that age. Twenty two months is a notorious age for falling. My son wiped out on a tiled floor at 2yrs and the size of the egg on ¬†his head caused other Mums to confront my Nanny at the local playground. That was pretty nasty looking and one of the worst we have had, but none of the doctors were worried. It takes real intentional damage by another car, a falling building as in the Christchurch Earthquakes, or another human being, to cause the fatalities inflicted on Hail Sage.
Brickbats to the other two losers of the piece, the first being the doctor who failed to be decisive about the nature of the injuries . He said so himself – the argument for accidental injuries failed to stack up.
The 2nd loser is the reporter who failed to point out how weak the blubberer’s story sounded directly to her.

I almost didn’t post the above photo in case conclusions were drawn that this was a racist piece. Let me just say that I have met as many white losers as I have brown. I can also say that they tend to cluster.
What this photo does say to me is that monsters don’t necessarily appear that way. They can blub, show contrition and appear remorseful. What they also have that makes them a different breed entirely, is an ability to self deceive and compartmentalize. ¬†At the very most Ms Percy knows perfectly well who murdered her child. At the very least she is somehow convinced that she wouldn’t play pokies and neglect her child in the future. “She states that ” if the same thing was to happen to another of her children she says they’d take them instantly to the doctors”.
What the rest of us, normal compassionate empathetic humans mustn’t ever do, is allow ourselves to be sucked into her deception without proof of her rehabilitation. Our humanity is at stake.

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It is hard to believe a year has passed since the most horrific natural disaster in New Zealand’s recent history. I know a number of the displaced, but no-one who was killed. ¬†Our thoughts are with everybody who lost someone and with those who continue to live through the debilitating aftershocks.
What we in the rest of New Zealand, or abroad cannot afford to forget is that, like an ancient Yurok myth below, Christchurch will feel like the “Last Town of Human Beings”, to those that remain. We should not deny Christchurch the manpower, the resources or the legislation to rebuild Central Christchurch, wherever the people of Christchurch choose to erect it. And it is only they who can truly know where to transplant the big beating warm heart it requires to survive.

From the Washington Post:

The following myth is taken from the Online Archive of California. It was originally told by Tskerkr, a Native Indian of the Yurok. In it, Earthquake suggests he should tear up the Earth and wherever the ground tilts, (presumably the plates) he shall level it. Thunder sugests they should be companions, and wherever they go he shall scare them:
Then Earthquake came to Erkier, the last town of human beings.¬†He was traveling at night; only once he had traveled by day. Then he tried to¬†shake the earth again. He felt it was as if it did not move. He shook harder. Then he felt it move a little. He hardly heard Thunder. Then he wished to know, because he scarcely had heard Thunder run. He said, “What is wrong?” Thunder said: “This is as far as I come. I cannot go beyond, because the sky descends.¬†He could not pass. But Earthquake looked at it. Thunder saw him nearly penetrate, tearing the earth. He said: “You will penetrate if you wish; but I, I cannot.” Earthquake said: “Well, I shall see you again.” Thunder said, “You will see me far off to¬†hierkik.

“Very well,” Earthquake said to him.
I cannot name the place because I do not know:¬†but Earthquake passed through to it. Then he saw ocean. He thought: “That is a good place.” The two told him: “No. You will see pretty places where we are going. This is not pretty.” Now Earthquake was listening for Thunder but heard nothing. He went a little way, listened again, and heard nothing. He began to shake the ground. Then it was as if he nearly heard Thunder. He shook harder, and really heard him. He thought: “It is well. I have my companion with me. I shall try to go around the world.”
e.¬†Then he started: but the two continued to go with him.Then Thunder met them. He said: “I wanted to see you again before you went on, because I wanted to know if you would do that: level the earth if you see it slope; for if it tilts, it will kill all persons. But if you care for it, it will lie level. And I will do the same in the sky. That is why I came to see you, because perhaps I shall not see you again for some time. So we will talk here to agree what we will do.” Earthquake said: “Let it be so.”
Now that is the reason Earthquake goes to different places because in the beginning he did that, and did not encompass the world in one day. It is thus with him now: he cannot go entirely around in a day, so he goes part way, and as it were spends the night. In some places he shakes the earth hard, in some he shakes it a little. For he did that in the beginning and does it now.
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Yes. But not for the reasons that Hone Harawira or Rawiri Taonui put forward.
He’s a cocksure, leering, gleeful, lovable arse. The older he has got, the more he seems to play the buffoon and the more we grow attached to him. He’s an aged champion we keep in pasture out of affection for previous legendary dressage performances. He employs the Queen’s English to interesting effect. It’s pure pleonasm. Redundant words are littered through his sentences like confetti at a first wedding. This is immediately obvious in his rant, “Waitangi Day A Complete Waste“:
“.Hatred rudeness and violence from a group of hateful hate-fuelled weirdos”. The pure tautology is close to follow. Waitangi Day: “It’s repugnant. It’s a “ghastly affair”.
Is there any other presenter to match him for the abundant use of tautology and inverted sentences.
I couldn’t say if it is overly premeditated, but it serves to characterize him, acting as a technicolour frame out of which he communicates to the lowly parvenu.
¬†He’s New Zealand’s Peter Griffin with a nobby overlay.¬†

We know he drinks fine wines with visiting cognoscenti and has a suitably appointed house and wife. They reek of good living, smiling at us from the pages of women’s magazines. ¬†But why we really like Paul Holmes is that we know he isn’t too plutey to vent like one of us. To call a spade a spade without beating around the bush. Sorry.
I bet he swears like a navvy when someone screws up his paper delivery. And ignoring racist undertones, his latest vent reflects a level of feeling in the population. There is¬†frustration with the feeling New Zealand is up against the Taniwha in the room:¬†“When will IT end”?
Humans like certainty and it’s unnerving knowing the same Waitangi events will roll around again next year like a lazy susan at a dim sum, serving up endless portions of self flagellation and dissatisfaction. It doesn’t mean we’re racist – I for one think the usual commentators such as Taonui are on the money. It was enjoyable to read Turia’s eloquent missive with her Open Letter To NZ.
And Hone Harawira served Holmes up on a platter nicely. 
I couldn’t say what the answer is, I am just a housewife. Too busy with kids for perfect grammar. I do know that it would be nice to feel welcome at a Marae on Waitangi Day. There is nothing my oldest loves more than putting down a hangi, as we did last year at his school. And maybe the answer for a better Feb 6th for the rest lies between the sheets:
A bit of sex. It’s a kiwi tradition to ‘get one over’ on birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a bonus at Christmas Time and I’ve heard of women thinking, “get me pregnant with the next baby J”, at Easter Time. ANZAC is far too maudlin for a romp; Queen’s B’day, who would dare?
On the next Waitangi Day, make it a tradition and drown out the protestors like patrons at a Christchurch brothel.

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Confessions of  Greenpeace dropout. A new book released by one of the Greenpeace founding fathers.

Great to see an expose of the crux of the Great Green Deception. Green Politics had laudable aims in it’s inception, but has evolved very quickly into a thin veneer for promoting socialism.
Socialism has been enabled a new foothold by MMP type politics and also modern media, which allows the person who squeals the loudest to gain the most traction. All somebody needs to do is cast “the other guy”, as a bully, or advancing the “cause of the rich”, and they gain media time. We all know “the rich are pricks”, and the worst thing you can be guilty of in New Zealand is: “not be caring”. Fluffy bunny, woman’s rights advancing, tree hugging, type caring”. ¬†Both Metira Turei and Winston Peters are masters of this type of politics.

I’m not saying all Green M.P.s are misguided arseholes.¬†Gareth Hughes stands on his own merits, for one; many in the software industry applaud his illuminating speeches on A.C.T.A.
I am saying a number of Green M.P.s have a socialist agenda that is not environmentally principled. New Zealanders, especially the young, don’t know this; we were never introduced to civics at school, as other countries are. Being uninformed, we may just vote Green because ‘we care’: “You can’t have people if we bugger the earth”. We vote Green because WE CARE.

There is only two “wings” of the political spectrum. I call the message of all parties on the political spectrum: “BUT WE REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU. “. Whoever squeals this the loudest pulls the most voters.
¬†On the right wing, we have the core belief in individualism: “We believe you have the tools to advance yourself, pay taxes and benefit society. You’re a good person. We care ABOUT YOU”. Fine for those who automatically have the tools to “make it”. But what about those born to drug abusers, the selfish and the “plain hopeless”?
In some countries they live on the streets. I’ve certainly walked past enough of them in San Francisco. In the past I came very close to being one of them, spending a couple of nights fending for myself, as a 20 yr old booze-hag before I knocked a gargantuan alcohol and pill habit. Others aren’t so lucky. I believe hapless individuals should be given a place in society – addicts kept safe, and square pegs tolerated or courted. Square pegs are often the artists or those who challenge societal constructs previously a “given truth”. Just look at the legislative changes advancing civil right over the last 20 years: Homosexual Law Reform, Prostitution Law Reform, and:
¬†“We’d like you to talk to your kids before you Beat Them”, Law Reform.
On the left wing, we have the thinking, that what is best for the collective is best for society: ” If you can’t do it for yourself, we’ll have a very expensive safety net to make sure you don’t fall through the cracks. We care ABOUT you”. And it takes endless tinkering to provide the best, most accountable government so the size of the civil service swells. And the level of resentment in the shrinking middle class swells to a commensurate degree. The burden of support falls upon them, you see:
¬†The “cradle to the grave” Net requires taxes. It also means the low bottom trends upwards as less pay taxes to support the ever increasing individuals fallen through the safety net. Hence the unconscious tax thrust to level everyone off at the same height; a vicious circle shrinking our tax base. “Spirit Level”, anybody? In New Zealand we call it the “Tall Poppy”, syndrome. Other countries call it Socialism.
We have long been enmired in the belief that big and successful = bad. Since 1985 those who experience the most success within New Zealand have been the ones to uproot the tall oaks, giving everyone else the vicarious thrill of kicking the loser. Instead of admiring greatness we admire those who topple greatness. John Key with, “A Time For A Change”, and WP with his “Teapottapes”, foothold into government are recent examples of a long held tradition.
That Lange, what a dag eh? He gave it to Uncle Sam and now we don’t get to lick the Great Country’s balls on a regular basis. The world now listens to US rather than the U.S. We taught other countries how to CARE.
But the worst thing that happened to New Zealand in many ways was the passing of the nuclear free legislation.
WHAT!!! You say, in many ways that is the core of New Zealand’s identity. Yes it has possibly kept us free of strife. I remember the feeling of relief at Clark’s NZ government ¬†keeping New Zealand out of Iraq, I consciously thought: “Phew”, “We won’t be terrorist targets”.
There are plenty that will say the U.S. invited it upon themselves anyway with their oil-fancying ways ¬†and why should we jump into the fray? I can’t understand this myself, though I am not saying there is no corruption in politics. It’s the Big Boi bribery ways that arguably gave Occupy a voice.
I am saying oil is great and is the heart of scientific progress.  It is Luddite to believe otherwise, but we happily chirrup bout the folly of peak oil. I am surprised the U.S. considers us as friendly as it does.
¬†And it is self evident that the good guys aren’t the woman circumcising, Airplane Terrorist, type of ¬†guys. Bad guys also tend not to hold democratic elections. However circa 2005, the widely held vew was that the U.S. had their sticky fingers in the Oil Pie, so maybe there was causality, and probably it wasn’t our battle.
Our position of being a lily-livered fence-sitter, caring about everyone else but not caring about upholding democracy, or ensuring we advance the drivers of our economy, means we are not long from losing our economic sovereignty.
Case in point:
Think we just have to be nice and suck up to the U.S. and the big bad Republicans will “care enough” to let in our dairy?
It’s a bit different from apples across the Tasman guys. We harbor socialist tendencies and while the U.S is relatively immune from this being a Republic and particularly with The First Amendment; the U.S. doesn’t want to give the Spirit Level folk too much of a voice. New Zealand has two left leaning major “centre”, parties. The U.S has two right leaning political parties. Neither wants ¬†Occupy Oakland using the example of NZ to throw up a Mana party or a WP, to usher in MMP. I predict it will be a long time before NZ has open trade links with the great Uncle Sam. You see, open trade links means greater mingling of culture between the countries.

The implications of being a lone “caring” wolf aren’t great for our tax base and eventually our economic sovereignty.¬†No wonder Mr Fry is having trouble with his broadband.
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