She’s a Former Teacher. What do you expect

Paedophile apologist Judge Jocelyn Munro has bought the rarefied air breathing judiciary into disrepute with weasily comments about the alleged Turangi attacker looking very smart. The underlying message and possibly an overhang from her former profession teaching is: “Lets pat all the naughty children on the head and teach them to play non-competitive sport”.
“It’s all about being nice to each other, boys and girls”.
She should be ashamed of herself.
I am not saying teachers are awful. I respect the profession and they deal with train wrecks every day. I am saying this teacher turned judge is a traitor to her country and her own sex. Just the same as the stupid bint who patted the alleged paedophile comedian on the head for making making people laugh.

Oh the lightness of being when I left New Zealand recently. New Zealand enables paedophiles. NZ enables child abusers. Our teenage boys commit suicide by the score and teenage girls are laconic and permissive.
We jump on cops that get pulled up for bad behavior in the same way we disapprove of the US. We are suspicious of power and money. If NZ police don’t follow procedures to the letter, their prosecutions get thrown out on technicalities. Yet we believe every criminal ¬†has a soul worth saving and “it’s not the poor boys fault”. The right is blamed by the left for not throwing more money at the poor.
Blaming the actions of child rapists on their upbringing and “the rich bad white people”, is like sitting on the Titanic bailing water with a bucket. ¬†It’s just not going to help.
The problem is no one appear to be in charge. A message made stronger by comments like these made by an increasingly adrift judiciary. New Zealand you need re-parenting. it’s not about the Left way vs the Right way. It’s about common sense and manners. An evil rapist monster is just that even if he has nice threads. Lock the little cunt up and throw away the keys.
By the way it was Michael Cullen who admitted Judge Munro to the bar.
Good luck New Zealand. I’m just happy I’m not going to be raising my children in what I’ll be telling people is a land of kiddyfucker enabling bullies and sycophants.

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