New Zealand the new Pitcairn of the Pacific.

New Zealand no longer protects the right of the individual to live in peace and freedom. This is obvious by the the thus lenient treatment by the state, of the monster  that has now pled guilty to the horrendous assault in Turangi on December 21st.
“What lenient treatment”, you might say?
It is lenient to not expedite such an horrific and brutal attack through the courts system by the fastest mechanisms possible.To date, the perp has had a lovely, month long, tax payer funded holiday, where he will have been eating well and feted as a hero by the family of Orcs that produced him. His mother is a beauty. She’ll know all the tricks of the trade to make him appear in the most favorable light possible.
They’ve had a month to enjoy the attention of the media. I would bet my last Rolo they are now addicted to the spotlight and will milk it for all it is worth, ongoing.
A month is far too long. He should have been through the courts and in a maximum security prison fearing for the fate of his arsehole by New Years day.
I had an experience once as a landlord that proved to me that the cops and the perps coexist and it is we, the general public, that are on the outside. Our “soft-as”, laws have bought about a society where a game is played in which the crims and the cops have to work rigidly within the letter of the law or the perps get off the charges. ¬†Both cops and crims know what they can get away with; both cops and crims look upon the public as foolish and weak for not knowing the “rules”:
In 2010 I arrived at a Christchurch rental property on my own: A disabled, small framed woman. I knew I was about to confront one individual (an alleged 17 yr old paedophile), who  had pulled a knife on someone else in the complex and two strippers who were refusing to pay their rent. (All white BTW)
I wanted them out because they were destroying my property so I was going to suggest they leave, in no uncertain terms. I was going to pay them to move into a boarding house.
I rang the cops thinking it might be a good idea of the local friendly constabulary accompanied me inside my rental property; there was also an unstable skinhead living there who liked to walk a knife between his fingers.
They told me I had to go through the tenancy tribunal. They weren’t able to help me.
The cops then arrived five minutes after the tenants rang them and told them the landlady was doing her ‘nana and they were scared.
To be fair, I was screaming pretty loudly at that stage.
I went back to the tenancy tribunal to get rid of the human cockroaches. They did $10,000 worth of damages on their way out.
The fucking skinhead did another $10k later on.

I realised at that stage that common-sense in New Zealand had given way, to an environment that favoured whoever was best at making the rules work for them. I see this happening again in the light touch of the law on the Turangi paedohile who appears to be linked to that healthiest of NZ kindergartens: a local gang chapter.
What are gangs, if not terrorists? That New Zealand condones their existence is proof that it values due process over common sense and the rights of the peace loving individual. And when our judiciary is stacked with paedophile apologists, what future does our nation have?

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