Mum Of The Week – Cherie Sweeney

Cherie Sweeney is a real lady. One classy gutsy Dame. That is – more worthy of such a title than any bestowed by an honours system. Real ladies stand up for what they believe in.
She was the neighbour of Serenity Jay Scott, a 6 month old baby who died from non-accidental injuries – she ‘narked’ to the police about the concerning events she witnessed at the neighbouring property. She stared down the town bullies who presumably wanted to “support the family through this terrible time”, rubbish and stood up for what she believed in:
That children are entitled to an abuse free life regardless of any excuses that abuse perpetrators and their apologists spout. That reasons for abusive communities do not count when it comes to saving individual lives – only action counts. She has worked tirelessly to put the spotlight on child abuse and the peril of ignoring it in our communities. She will undoubtedly have saved lives, now and into the future.
The arrest of Serenity Jay Scotts alleged killer will have been bittersweet for Cherie. The arrest came on the anniversary of her own son’s tragic, accidental death.

Good on you Cherie. We salute you.

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