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I love this story: Mom goes into bat for her disabled daughter to receive a lifesaving kidney transplant. She staunches out two sociopaths: a doctor lacking empathy and a social worker with a god complex. The doctor is a non-feeling arsehole who wants to let the daughter die with no transplant because she is, in his words “mentally retarded”.  My favourite phrase:
He pauses as if he is choosing his words carefully. “I have been warned about you. About how involved you and your famliy are with Amelia.”

The Mom deserves a gold medal for not letting them manipulate her. I describe them as sociopaths because from this account they appear to be employing typical sociopathic techniques.
One certain sign of a sociopath is an individual that employs pity to manipulate.
The doctor: “Yes. This is hard for me, you know.”
The social worker decides to join the conversation. “Well, you know a transplant is not forever. She will need another one in twelve years. And then what? And do you have any idea of the medications she will need to take to keep her healthy?”

I speak through gritted together. “YES, I HAVE DONE ALL MY RESEARCH.”

She smirks a little. “Well, what happens when she is thirty and neither of you are around to take care of her. What happens to her then? Who will make sure she takes her medications then?”

Another sociopathic technique is the use of illogical arguments that are on the face of it watertight. While explaining it to you they are so convincing and confident that the conclusion is that you are crazy and they have all the answers. Only when you examine the absurdities that the argument throws up do you realise you are dealing with a fruit loop. I would bet my last rolo that there are a lot of sociopathic social workers out there.

From the doctor:
“Well, you can then take it the ethics committee but as a team we have the final say. Feel free to go somewhere else. But it won’t be done here.”

Bring it on. I have a feeling the girl will get the transplant.

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