Inequity Today Pt 1: American Academy of Pediatrics issues warning on Toxic Stress

Spirit Levelers and the Occupy movement would have you believe that inequity is the the result of untrammeled corporate raiders and unsympathetic right wing governments. The nebulous, “bad rich people”.

The evidence is mounting that inequity is as simple as the start to life. Toxic stress (substance abuse, poor nutrition, relationship and financial stress ) in utero and infancy is well documented to effect development and health outcomes  across a lifespan: From the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):
By targeting those early years, it has been demonstrated that outcomes for following generations may improve. From Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times:
The social network has changed in the last half century from being church and community focused to a focus on the individual and work. The development of a new social network around the early childhood  years makes sense. Change negative outcomes by empowering communities and individuals to help themselves. Severely limit benefits after 6 months (or 18 months after the birth of a child) but fully fund food banks and parenting programmes that deliver educational qualifications so just by virtue of being a dedicated Mom or Dad you can have a career in some facet of ECE.  Benefits breed victimhood and an angry abusive underclass. However utilising the childhood years to empower communities  may create job and volunteering opportunities for all.
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