Don’t ask just shoot.

I’m not recommending vigilante style justice, but the instincts of this woman appear to have been right on the mark:

The second of the two men that she didn’t shoot dead is facing serious charges. Obviously the attempted home invasion was no innocent lark, I suspect the Mama Bear instincts were on full alert and Ms McKinley followed the practice of shoot and ask questions later.
Great photo. That’s what kids should mean to their parents. You don’t see photos like that in NZ media circles. We have a child abuse epidemic where mothers fail in their duty of being the first line of defense. It would be good to see the circulation of strong parental images. Not necessarily with a related body count, but needs must.
No matter what else is going on around you, the protection of our children must come first. Anything else makes us inferior primates.
On a practical note: In a new environment I always check out the possible hazards. I discuss these with my Loin-Fruit. The eldest are made aware of slippery surfaces and fire escape routes. Hosts sometimes think I am strange but I routinely insist on of a fire escape plan. The chances of finding yourself in a house-fire or an earthquake zone in New Zealand are higher than winning lotto; either way I don’t gamble.

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