Nervous wait for Victoria Taylor

The jury is out on Hemana over the alleged murder of 9 month old Cezar as the Herald reports.

Jury retires for night in baby Cezar murder trial

Victoria Taylor will be nervously awaiting their decision. If the jury comes back with manslaughter as the verdict that makes Ms Taylor the guiltiest party. Guilty failing to provide a safe environment for Cezar. Effectively she killed him by not getting help.
¬†Yes Ms Taylor you handed your own baby over for slaughter. However I suspect that doesn’t particularly affect you as you’ll have plenty of wriggle room to justify your actions. You have been reported as providing conflicting stories to the police during the investigation. It’s obvious you want to appear in the best light possible. And this won’t be hard. People will be lining up to sympathise with you along the lines of: “she must have been totally under his control”. The underlying message of this is: “you poor dear. After all, it’s the fault of those dirty nasty violent males”.
Rubbish. He shook him, but ultimately your nonaction makes you just as culpable.This makes you a baby incubator, not a mother.
The first rule of parenting is NCGBMAMK.

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