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This blog is targeted initially at the New Zealand parliamentary system, but the sense of disconnectedness that permeates the new Zealand political scene is representative of the malaise worldwide as evidenced by the “occupy” movement. One senses that the old ways are in decay but a new set of values are yet to arise. I’m a tad past embracing hairy hippie-dom that marked the phases of revolution in the sixties, (as I suspect many others of the pre-Gen Y, post baby-boomer generations are also). Many of us would¬† rather sit and toke on the proverbial for recreational purposes rather than in combination with the fug of political righteousness.
And those of us that don’t inhale may not begrudge the liberties of those who do and do no harm to others by their actions. A former colleague and fellow libertarian Pete George intends to debate such matters with the electorate to see where the fields of rigid ideology lie fallow. Conservatives would typically deny such liberties, whereas those who identify as socially liberal would promote educated choice. The resultant and heated battle of conservatives vs liberals now typically serves as an outlet for frustration instead of productive debate on the truth of such matters.
It is daily becoming obvious that the clash of ideologies is at the heart of the rot of our political system. Established blogs are proudly pro or agin the current gummint of the day. Visceral and demeaning personal attacks on those with the opposite political leanings are common. Robust debate is always to be encouraged but when the debate descends to the petty, the demeaning and the smutty, everyone loses.  Upcoming generations would rather debates ideas on their merits rather than wear Tory or unionised gang colours (whether blue or red) and gang patches. Gens X and Y turn off when the shit slinging starts. 
The intent of this blog is to allow a neutral forum for social commentary and debate on legislation currently being debated within the house.Everyone’s contributions welcome.
Together we can breaststroke through the shinola to a higher, more evolved place.

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