Best use of the phrase "Dirigible Behemoth"

I’m enjoying the fracas between Prime Minister John Key and the prissy TV3 botox fillies. I hope the PM holds his line.

The media flotsam can yell all they like that the meeting between Banks and Key was orchestrated; tantamount to a conspiracy and therefore of public interest. It was a private meeting regardless of why it was engineered. The NZ Voterati is shrewd enough to understand that it was a political measure; a photo opportunity, in the Princess Di mold, but that some privacy and respect should naturally be accorded to the two party leaders. The usual media suspects and the mendacious (thanks Homepaddock for that word of the day) left wing menagerie are mouthing foul, but the general feeling is that the meeting was ill judged but benign.  And do we, the public really need to know what loving words were spoken as the pair moued words of love to each other. One Camillagate is enough in any persons lifetime.

The public has turned from the media descriptions of Key’s actions that he “stormed out” and “had a tantrum” in recent media encounters with the aforementioned botox fillies. john Key does not have a history of tossing his toys as, say, Winston Peters. Distrust with the mainstream media instead of the PM has resulted, with little damage to National in the polls.

John Key still has a lot of political capital to spend before his assassins blade is tarnished.
A lot of Key’s appeal is in his Clark Kent demeanour. We like that he doesn’t appear too polished or arrogant. We fancy that like the bespectacled superhero, he is possessed of a strong moral compass and the ability to wrestle modern day economic bogies. And we New Zealanders appreciate the odd display of buffoonery that Key affords.
¬†Let’s hope Winston Peters isn’t the PM’s Kryptonite, but an easily dispatched second rate villain.

Winston shouldn’t be back. He is a purposeless scuttlebutt of the worst kind as demonstrated by the #teapottapes incident. Both leaders of the two main parties ¬†have much to gain from the dispatch of Peters. It is well known that no much-needed reform of superannuation or health can occur with Peters around. If he was in a Kingmaker position, the political conditions would be almost perfect for the formation of a Grand Coalition to stymie his festering ambitions. The idea of a GC is not as farfetched as it might seem on the face of it. Two leaders of the same generation poaching from the political middle ground, possibly both appreciating a need for cooperation and progress after decades of political swings and roundabouts and cross pollination over the political spectrum. I could see Labour given the welfare portfolios¬†(to marry with Whanau Ora, under the tender ¬†ministrations of Bill English as fiscal overlord of course),¬†and associate education (pacifying the union contingent and allowing for tinkering and industry acceptance of National Standards. Put Anne Tolley on the RMA, and UnitedFuture the hospital pass on Super.
The most likely combination is National, Maori Party, UnitedFuture. A left-wing coalition is entirely possible but would be too much of a dirigible behemoth to fly.

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