Behind every baby that has dies of abuse is a useless Mother

And that title says it all really. As the Herald reports:. 
The guy who murdered baby Cezar is a product of his environment. Straight to jail, do not pass go. The person who really deserves the full wrath of society is the silly little bitch who let Hemana kill her child. If someone shakes your baby you call the police. From the hospital. You don’t sit on your arse texting your mates and navel gazing.¬†
Ms Taylor (who does not deserve the title of Mother) should be put on a database. If she has future children it is a given they should be removed from her at birth. She should never draw the domestic purposes benefit.
The liberal hand-wringers who would give her another chance can fuck off.  If a child dies of abuse in your care, forget being a parent forever. Get a fucking pot plant or a hamster to satisfy the parenting urge.
Being a Mother requires an instinct to protect your kids. Ms Taylor has failed in this most fundamental of duties. The poor boy would have doted on his Mother in his short life. Every time she walked into the room his heart would have lit and would have been observed in his smile. I see this in the face of my nine month old twin son. Even when Cezar was in pain, his level of trust would have been such that he would have thought Ms Taylor could make it all right. Right up until he died of the bleeding on the brain that she caused. Caused by her inability to be a fit Mother. The following is the timeline of his short life:

January 21: Baby Cezar is born to 20-year-old Victoria Taylor.

May 21: Ms Taylor, her younger sister and James Hemana move in to a house in Mangere

July 6: First shaking incident.

July 13: Second shaking incident

July 23: Baby Cezar admitted to hospital

July 28: Baby Cezar dies 10 minutes after life support is turned off. The same day, police locate and arrest Hemana.

Kids  deserve to have a decent caregiver who will reciprocate their love and protect them.  I doubt Ms Taylor or her younger sister will ever fit that category.

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